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    Plugin category: Role-play/Mechanics

    Suggested name: (I'm not one to make good names...) Punchout? Knockouts? Player-K.O?

    What I want: For players to have a consciousness "level" like health/armor/food
    (Display it however you like, XP bar, XP level, Chat)

    and once that runs out the player is unconscious or knocked out.
    (Suggest making the player lay down as if he/she were on a bed, due to minecraft limitations.)
    [You're probably going to encounter bugs with saving homes/spawnpoints here.]

    Optionally, you can add effects when the players Consciousness is dangerously low, like nausea, fatique, that way it'll teach them to get into fist fights so often. But it has to regenerate somehow, so I guess it will have to regenerate very slowly automatically. You start out with full conscious after being knocked out and become knocked out for a set amount of time.

    I mean come on! How awesome would it be to be able to RP alley fights and knock each other out? Not particularly an offensive thing though, It's either staged fights or used for quick get aways.

    Ideas for commands: Perhaps Admin commands like /refillconscious (/refill /rc /KOrefill) and /setconscious These really aren't required though since you regain it automatically ._.

    Ideas for permissions: Conscious.toggle (toggles use of consciousness system, making it oblivious would prevent ops from participating in this plugin.)

    Reason for edit: highlighting keypoints (Bold Italics)
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    I like the idea, but I really want to use scoreboards. I'll try to make a simple plugin for this!

    Errm, should this happen when a MOB attacks a player??

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    No, I don't believe being shot with arrows and explosions would cause a knockout of some sort unless you included blood loss, etc, but that's a whole different concept (MAYBE getting smacked around by a zombie? xD [getting smacked around by zombies was a joke by the way]). I'm only asking for a simple RP PvP plugin that applies this system to fists (preferably) so that when you want to sheath your swords you can settle it gentlemen style.
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    Done with the entire knockout system with scoreboards telling you your consciousness, trying to figure out how to put a player to sleep.
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    Make an if statement I suppose.

    (It's one of these)

    void PlayerBedEnterEvent() {
    if (//knocked out); {

    else {//null or stay awake


    Something like that

    edit: here we go, found bukkit API event reference.
    didn't give me an event though.
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    Bump... never really did finish that plugin. I'm thinking about taking this to a greater scale and making it a mod.

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