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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by sipsi133, Dec 29, 2014.

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    Lets say I have config like this:
        something: somevalue
                something: value
        something: somevalue
    How I can get the "somethingelse" (Someconfig.A.somethingtwo.somethingelse)?

    I have tried following, but it throws a nullpointerexception on line 2
    List<String> stringList = new ArrayList<String>();
    for(String strings : this.getConfig().getConfigurationSection("Someconfig.A.somethingtwo").getKeys(false)) {
  2. This probably isn't it but on first glance somethingelse: seems to be tabbed instead of properly spaced in the config?
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    @WD_MUFFINFLUFFER That was just an example config but the structure is the same as mine. They aren't tabbed in my config.
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    I'm curious, how does your code magically know that there is an "A" value in there?
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    @1Rogue I dont want to copy-paste my config so I made example config in the post that looks the same as my plugins config.
    My plugin saves data to config and when I load it, I need to get the string "somethingelse" (in my actual config its not "somethingelse")


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    Weird, my post didn't... post.

    My point being that it looks like you have a list of things that are arbitrary when you could be using the .getKeys() on that, rather than "somethingelse" which seems to be a constant key. But if you missed the hint in the last sentence then it's this:

    • Use .getKeys() for dynamic, unknown values
    • Use .getConfigurationSection() for known values

    And work your way down the tree from there in your config. There's also a useful method for you which would be Config#getConfigSectionValue (you can copy/paste for yourself) which will convert any ConfigurationSection (or other implementation) into a Map<String, Object> for ease of use.
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