Compass Points to Nearest Player

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Xx_LeetGamer_xX, Sep 26, 2013.

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    How would I make a compass point to the nearest player?
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    Untested, but should work.
    Tailor it to your needs.
    Side note: This will need to be ran in some sort of a loop (maybe every 1 or 2 seconds?) because the compass target is a location, which would change when the nearest player moves.
    public Player getNearestPlayer(Player player) {
        double distNear = 0.0D;
        Player playerNear = null;
        for (Player player2 : Bukkit.getOnlinePlayers()) {
            //don't include the player that's checking
            if (player == player2) { continue; }
            //make sure same world (cannot measure distance between worlds)
            if (player.getWorld() != player2.getWorld()) { continue; }
            Location location2 = player.getLocation();
            double dist = location.distance(location2);
            if (playerNear == null || dist < distNear) {
                playerNear = player2;
                distNear = dist;
        return playerNear;
    //you need to define the player variable
    Player playerNear = getNearestPlayer(player);
    if (playerNear != null) {
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    Scizzr being a bit picky, but:
    • Loop through player.getWorld().getPlayers() instead of all online players, it will save that check.
    • player.setCompassTarget(playerNear.getLocation())
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    Thanks for advice on first one, and oversight on that last one. Typing in the forum, so didnt check it at all xD
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    I think he should use getNearbyEntities() within a certain distance and check if it is a player. And use distanceSquared.
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    xTrollxDudex with that, if he wanted to truly get the nearest player out of all the other players in the world, he would have to use a very large number. Also, that method returns ALL entities, so he could improve the search by only filtering players (world.getPlayers()).
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    How can i make tHis plugin with point just for enimies like /friend playername
    Then don't point to friended player but only if the another player is also friended ?
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    I Know this is old, but im making a Game and want to know if this would work ??
    xTrollxDudex chasechocolate

    1. public xCraftPlayer getNearestUser(xCraftPlayer xUser) {
    2. double distNear = 0.0D;
    3. xCraftPlayer playerNear = null;
    4. for (xCraftPlayer xAll : allplayers) {
    6. if (xAll == xUser) { continue; }
    7. if (Specplayers.contains(xAll)) { continue; }
    9. Location location2 = xUser.getLocation();
    10. double dist = xAll.getLocation().distance(location2);
    11. if (playerNear == null || dist < distNear) {
    12. playerNear = xAll;
    13. distNear = dist;
    14. }
    15. }
    16. return playerNear;
    17. }
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    FabeGabeMC use .distanceSquared() for code efficiency
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    Just because it is getting close to Halloween does not mean you are allowed to practice the rites of Necromancy.

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