Filled Compass pointing north

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by sjumilaskogen, Feb 6, 2021.

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    Minecraft version: 1.16.4

    Suggested name: RealCompass

    What I want: A plugin that makes compasses pointing north.

    Ideas for bonus features: It would be really cool if it was possible for individuals to toggle if their compass/compasses should point to the north or not. Maybe have many options to toggle between. (north/world spawn/home point etc). Messages are needed to show towards what ones compass are pointing. Maybe add a config file to choose which options are available.

    Ideas for commands (for bonus features):
    /toggle compass -or- /set compass pointing <option>
    /realcompass reload - - - Reload config if there is any.

    Ideas for permissions (for bonus features): realcompass.toggle - - - Allows to use toggle command.
    realcompass.reload - - - Allows to reload use "/realcompass reload"
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    It's amazing! Thank you very much! :D
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