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    Hey, I run a server that is a Modern roleplay. It uses alot of plugins, but i could not find one that lets you create companies, with a payroll. So every week or so your company sends out your Earnings. The stuff left over is for you. So say you are running a power company, witch is possible because my server has IC. Anyways your running a power company, you have people sign a contract by doing /signup (company name) (days mc). They will then get charged out of their bank( using iconomy )and that money will go to your company that they signed the contract with. It will continue to do this until their contract is over, witch your power company would have to keep track of, so you can get them to resign, or cut off their power. If someone knows a plugin like this or can code it, it would help a great deal!
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    ...This would be awesome for so many servers! Someone please help him out! please?
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    Hello any help ?
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    Sure! I'm slightly n00bish at pluginning, but have made some plugins for my own server. I'm slightly confused here though... Are you talking about the power company having employees, or customers?
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    both i think well thats what i need...
    mabye it would be a modification to factions...

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