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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Johannes, Jan 4, 2011.

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    I'd like to suggest that Bukkit should have some more user-friendly user administration commands for use in-game and via the console. I always felt the /modify command in hmod was pretty crappy. Some plugins could be used to help, but having it natively built in would really be best.

    There was no way to check a user's assigned group, mistyping the group spammed the console with errors, and often cleared the user's inventory. I still don't understand why it didn't just check for the group first, and reply with an error if it didn't exist instead of doing that.

    Similarly, there was no way to just display the current values of some of the values that /modify changed. Did the user have build privileges, admin privileges, ignorerestrictions? The only way to know for sure without manually opening the file was to set it yourself.

    There also was no way for admins to modify existing groups or add new ones from within the game with the vanilla hMod.

    So in short what I would like to see:
    • A command that returns a given user's assigned group
    • A nice, non-buggy command for setting a user's group
    • Viewing other attributes of a user without actually modifying them, like seeing what commands they have access to, and modifying this on a per-command basis.
    • This should extend into other areas as well, such as group management. A table view would be ideal, both for users and groups.
    • Maybe a better way of managing what commands groups/users have access to?
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    I would love a more expanded hierarchy system, which extends to blocks in the world. Even if not available in the main release, a way to protect blocks based on who placed them (and their group) would be amazing.
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    dark navi

    I would like the option to log everyone in user tables, instead of having to manually add everyone.
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    Herr Riz

    Agreed. In-game modification of groups and stuff would be great, especially if we're not going to have flatfile settings.
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    Moved from Feedback and Support -> Discussion and Support. Discussing features you want is fine but, based on feedback, you should then decide if a Suggestion ticket should be made on our Redmine Suggestions tracker..
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    I am in agreement of this. Also a fine tuned /modify command that can be changed on the fly is a needed aspect of the group based permissions.
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    Any ETA on this? I've been hoping for it to come out for weeks now.
  8. The current permissions systems are very frusterating. I wish it was all integrated in bukkit..
    WorldEdit dosnt support the current permissions plugin, the other one I was using dose not have in game commands, its one thing or another! I cant restart the server just to reload permissions. Maybe im doing this wrong? I op a player in mcMyAdmin, and then I op them in the config file, then I op them in worldedit.. This is too much work for a single rank change. If bukit handled it, it would be unified and it would work! but anyways.. bukkit rocks so far otherwise!
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