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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Codisimus, Mar 15, 2013.

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    I heard that Minecraft 1.5 would have support for setting the name above the head of a Player. Looking at the newest commit I see:
    +    /**
    +    * Sets a custom name on a mob. This name will be used in death messages
    +    * and can be sent to the client as a nameplate over the mob.
    +    * <p>
    +    * Setting the name to null or an empty string will clear it.
    +    * <p>
    +    * This value has no effect on players, they will always use their real
    +    * name.
    +    * @param name name to set
    +    */
    +    public void setCustomName(String name);
    So I'm guessing that the dev I heard this from was wrong? Just looking for some clarification from someone who knows for certain.
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    Well, you could already do this by manipulating the packets sent to the client, but I don't think there was a API method to change it.
    However, the plugin TagAPI allows you to change someone's name tag and it also offers some API methods for other plugins.
    I have no idea though if it's now possible to do this within the Bukkit API itself.
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