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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Knowingnothing12, Sep 23, 2023.

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  1. Minecraft version: 1.8

    Suggested name: KillCollectItem

    What I want: When a player kills another player, instead of the loot being scattered on the floor. The loot can be added to a GUI for the killer to collect.

    Useful for PvP server where many players are fighting in a close proximity making it harder to get the loot from someone you kill.

    Should be added to a GUI rather than a death chest so the player can collect the loot after done PvPing.

    Having a button in the GUI to clear the loot from the GUI can be useful to stop it from getting clogged with lots random blocks/items

    The items should remain in the GUI for 12 hours, and after 12 hours, they should be removed. Items collected in the GUI should stay there even if the player logs out of the server, unless it has been 12 hours since the item was added to the GUI, in which case it should be deleted

    The ability to configure collected items for the GUI, with the player being able to set it using the command /collect setting.

    Ideas for commands:
    /collect - Opens the GUI
    /collect clear - Clears the items in the players GUI
    /collect setting

    Ideas for permissions:

    collect.use - Access to /collect
    collect.clear - Permission to clear kill collect GUI
    collect.setting - Permissions to set collected items

    When I'd like it by: Anytime
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    This is interesting idea...
    I'm working right now on much bigger project so i can programme it in it and then share it with you
    Let me know if you still need it
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    Here is the plugin. Let me know if it's to your liking.

    • /collect: Opens the loot collection GUI for the player.
    • /collectclear: Clears all loot items from the player's collection GUI.
    • /collectsetting: Configure collected items in the collection GUI.
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    KillCollect | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft

    an alternative, currently doesn't remove loot after 12 hours but i can add that in tomorrow.
    if you type /spoils a Gui with player heads you've killed appears. clicking on one of the heads shows you that inventory.

    currently it only clears the loot from the player once the inventory is empty.
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    @Nysxl @congour You are both responding to somebody that hasn't checked here since November.
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