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    Plugin category: Fun

    Minecraft version: 1.11.2 / 1.12

    Suggested name: Coinflip

    What I want:
    This plugin is basically a "CS-GO" coinflip plugin which allows you to match up against random players and bet money from Vault Economy you can either bet them on their price in the main /coinflip GUI or do your own custom amount using /coinflip <amount>. You will then be able to choose from different colors like Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple etc.. and then put in a queue until a player (unless you specifically challenged that player) decides to match you. If you lose you will lose all of your money you have bet during that match and that winning player will gain all of that money + keep all of the money they have bet. Of course this has to be BALANCED matches, nothing like if you have donor ranks you get higher perks or if you bet more money you have higher chances. A decently made video on how this works is on CosmicPvP Factions video made by PrestonPlayz here: 42:50 - 45:10. If you guys want I can make a specific video on that just for displaying what it should/could look like.
    A configuration file allowing you to edit the messages and sounds would be nice and whatever else you may see fit to be in there.

    Ideas for commands:
    /coinflip & /cf - opens up the matches to pick from random players.
    /coinflip & /cf <amount> - coinflip a custom amount of money. This will then be showed in the random matches for other players in the Coinflip menu.
    /coinflip & /cf stats [player] - shows your total and today's wins and losses also showing how much money you may have collected or lost in those matches. If a player isn't defined it would just show you your stats.
    /coinflip & /cf toggle [player] - toggle on or off receiving invites for coinflip matches.
    /coinflip & /cf challenge <player> <amount> - challenge a specific player to a coinflip match.
    What would happen on the player who is challenged's screen is a message would appear saying something like:
    "Player has challenged you to a coinflip match!"
    "Do you wish to challenge them back?"
    with hover click commands allowing you to use
    /coinflip & /cf accept <player> for ACCEPT
    /coinflip & /cf decline <player> for DECLINE

    Ideas for permissions:
    coinflip.stats - permission to view your stats.
    coinflip.accept - accept private matches.
    coinflip.decline - decline private matches.
    coinflip.toggle - toggling on/off private matches.
    coinflip.toggle.others - toggling other's private matches requests.
    coinflip.stats.others - permission to view other's stats.
    coinflip.use - ability to use the /coinflip and /cf command to open the GUI.
    coinflip.challenge - ability to challenge players.

    When I'd like it by: Whenever possible.
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    Shouldn't it be a choice between 2 colors? Like red and black?
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    I am assuming he would like that configurable
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    well I was looking for it to be more open ended then just picking from two choices like Blue & Red.
    You'd be able to choose from just some options:
    Formatted as ColorWool (Color Code) [&a for example]
    Orange (Gold)
    Blue (Aqua)
    Green (Lime)
    Red (Red)
    Purple (Pink)
    Black (Black)
    White (White)
    Gray (Light Gray)
    Cyan (Cyan)
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    I might be interested on creating it
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