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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by KyleBoyer, Mar 30, 2012.

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    Could someone make a plugin that makes a cobblestone generator faster? Like right now you have to wait about 3 seconds for every new cobblestone, but could someone make one that makes it almost instantly?
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    /give <player> cobblestone 1024 ? :)
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    To do this you will need to increase the speed of water flow. I would say this will create more server lagg so its worth just creating a double cobble generator.
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    Default users with give commands?

    You could use kits? /kit cobblestone No time limit?
    Could do dafreo1's option.
    Get a /cobblestone plugin created for you?
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    Do you know a plugin that already does this or do you know a way to do it? If so please could you link me to it or make it? I don't really care about the lag aspect of things because I have a beast internet connection and a tank computer that is running the server.
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    Never heard of such a plugin that does this. If you mean do I know a way to create the water faster well no I dont but if you mean how can you build a better gen here is a link:
    To tell you the truth I dont even know if its possible to make the water flow faster without editing the main minecraft.jar file. This would mean you need Spoutcraft. Im no professional I just try to help out.
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    Aight but that video was interesting but on my server I have a redstone circuit that builds a house(using cobblestone gen) and a plugin that uses pistons to push blocks into chests, so I made a redstone circuit to generate then push into the box

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