Clouds (IDK :P)

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    There are only two types of weather systems in minecraft. Rain and Sun. What about getting rain out of the equation and making the weather just dark clouds? Or it can rain different items instead or something. This can be configurable so that it is only in a certain spot of the map, or all of it. (Good for drop parties :D) Just an idea that I thought of right now xD

    It can be sunny while its raining different items or blocks, or cloudy.
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    Just wanna tell ya : Let it rain Items = Server Instant Shut Down + New Map, cuz it wohld be massive Lag.
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    what about just in one area? just for drop parties? Instead of manual throwing items, or putting them in dispensers?
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    That wouldn't be too difficult. I'll mess with it now.
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    must learn to research before spending five minutes making something...
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    Steam Engines

    Let it rain plugin does this, and lets you drop mobs (which you can also light on fire! )
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    :p I think we all made that mistake before.
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    Thanks all for the input. I think I'll go with the plugins "Drop Party" and "Let it Rain". :)

    Edit: I know this is a late post - but just to end the topic - that's all! :p

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