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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by tkthebeat, Jun 4, 2012.

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    Keep your eyes peeled I am going to open testing ASAP, however due to real life commitments I wish to hold it off until Friday week.
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    Ok cool :)
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    Using donations on themselves and keeping extra money is not illegal at all, If you had a large minecraft server, like them even if you tried to spend all your donations on the best hardware, advertising, hosting, etc you can find. You will no doubt have some money left over. MobDisguise wasn't made to be a donation item so why should the developer get payments? though.. most servers use it as a donation perk, and if I did I would sure as hell donate some money to the developers if so. I do agree on legendarycraft being very greedy however, they receive TONS of donations, then on top of that they ask people to donate for them to go to minecon?
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    Friday week? Mind = Blown.
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    You seem to not realize the definition of a donation for a cause, or the legal basis behind it.
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    Let's keep this on-topic, or I'll have to lock it.

    Also, absolutely no advertisements, please!!
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    lol, i must have been one of the few that actually used it for servers on separate machines.
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    There were a few, but I rarely got complaints about the proxy not always supporting it, which suggested few people used it that way. There was (is) an issue with the way minecraft works, and it doesn't handle multiple connections from a proxy very well, due to flood protection.
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    So is there any update? Can we still see some beta releases friday? Thanks :)
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    Well that was posted a week ago, meaning last friday, so...
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    No he ment this friday
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    Yeah this Friday.
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    Should we waiting for a release today? :) Sooo excited!
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    This may not be entirely accurate but, I think Skitscape's server use http://assetgateway.com/minecraft/cloud-overview/ (And I believe levelupmc do too) If you have the money for a good cloud system and still for good hardware etc. I would go with Assetgateway (@Coelho) But until md_5 remove the 20 player limit any big servers: http://assetgateway.com/minecraft/cloud-overview/ .

    Also md_5 why do citi-build.com not have the 20 player limit?

    EDIT: I was correct skitscape and levelupmc use assetgateway :p
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    Because some people are special and got it before the release. I really don't like the philosophy of Asset Gateway, and I am still looking to make RubberBand free and perhaps open source.
    It is really not that hard to make a 'cloud plugin' and trying to charge literally hundreds of times what it is worth isn't very good imho.
    Anyway I'll keep you posted.
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    Guys, I can tell you after working/developing coulds, that in the end they are just not meant to be. The stability of a cloud is very hard to maintain, and can take months of finding the right proxies/servers to handle a Cloud in a bugfree enviroment.

    Minecraft was not made to be stretched to these kind of limits, it would be wise to wait until the 1.5 mod API to actually start seriously considering this. Most servers who have used clouds, have turned them off due to many issues that come with them
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    Donald Scott

    AssetCraft (our MC cloud) comes with DDoS protection. That alone makes it worth the cost to servers that really need the cloud...

    The fact is large servers want reliability, and that is what they pay for.

    -Don Scott
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    I get that fact, what about all these other people who cannot afford your ddos protection?

    By the way the fact the you tag your post with 'AssetGateway Administrator' actually detracts from its quality.
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    Free, as in free without the 20 player limit -- free free?
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    Donald Scott

    Well, we have no intention of selling a service that clients will have trouble with. Leaving all your servers venerable to an attack at one central network bottleneck is not wise. (Just look at all the attacks on our current clients.) As such we provide protection at an insane rate, (1/4th the competition), but yes, we are limiting people who can't afford our base $99 service.

    We strive to be a premium service with happy customers. With AssetCraft not only are you protected from downtime, but if you need help setting up or integrating a custom plugin, we will help you. With a free product (like yours) it's more difficult to maintain that level of personal support.

    We completely support you md_5 with your free alternative, but don't discount the value of what we offer.
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    If it's open source we could remove the limit ourselves. ;)
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    Derp. :3

    Hey, I'm tired -- Don't judge. :p
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    • Spreading false information is uncool
    AssetGateway has zero known issues, but I can't say the same for "Rubberband" unfortunately.

    md_5 has no intention of making Rubberband open source, as he states in his posts

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    He didn't say he would, but that doesn't guarantee that he won't.
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    People who can't afford the protection most likely won't be subject to such attacks, as they most likely own smaller servers, and most likely use a shared/Minecraft host opposed to a dedicated server or VPS, in which any reputable host would offer good DDoS protection where as you're left in the open when using a dedicated server/VPS.

    We do indeed use assetgateway on Skitscape's server, as DDoS attacks happen daily and never seem to stop (as should be expected).

    I was replying to a post which quoted that post and the post I quoted clearly acknowledged that there were intentions of making it free and/or open source.

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