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    Plugin category: TP

    Suggested name: GateWarp or something

    A bit about me: I am a server owner. I have much experience with minecraft and how to host/run a server. I am looking to open a new project and need help with this last plugin.

    What I want:Well here I am begging for a plugin that I have spent countless hours trying to develop and setup. So here is what I have and here is what I want to accomplish,

    I have a plugin that I have been trying to set up. It is called server port and i want to use it so that users can walk through a gate on one server and come out on a different gate on a different server. I am asking for help basically. I don't understand the whole proxy thing at ALL. I am open for someone else to develop it and make it better to where it is easier to use or someone can just guide me through it. I really don't want to have to spend money, this is the last thing i need before i can open my server.

    Anyone willing to help PLEASE feel free to PM me. Examples of what i want done can be seen on (ip:) mc-lc.com

    server port can be found here

    Ideas for commands: server port commands

    Ideas for permissions: Just need it to where users can use the gates, server port should already have perms

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday, though obviously it'll take a while before anyone more than a few takes notice of this post, I'll keep bumping it.

    Similar plugin requests: ServerPort

    Devs who might be interested in this: Not sure, anyone welcome
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    Thats been made I have no idea the info on it, but its public I've seen a few servers with it
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    I have also seen the servers, but they are all the huge servers that have access to private developers, i think that is why.
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    Nah I've seen a few servers that are set up exactly the same
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    I was messing around with making something like this earlier, though I reckon I was going about it a completely wrong way XD
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    Do you think you could make it?
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    Would definitely be a big hit for lots and lots of servers. Definitely.
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    Well, i know that "transporter" does what i want, the only problem being it is way to complex and there is no way to transport across servers without having a clint patcher or an alternative client such as spout craft. But yes it would be a big hit.... anyone want to do it? I would certainly donate once money starts coming in from the server.


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    I've seen many people say it isn't possible, but no one can tell me WHY. I've seen it on some of the larger servers. Well, mostly larger servers.

    So, if anyone DOES say it's not possible, please tell me why :D

    And I hope it is possible.
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    Bump....anyone, the plugin is there, just needs some clean up
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    And to not be dependent on a client mod. I'm pretty sure that's a big part.
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    I'm also not sure if it's possible because when using this on big servers I never change the IP that I am connected too.. maybe we don't talk about different servers but about a seperated chat, online-list and so on. Because if it doesn't change the address or ip that I am connected too I do not change to a different server.
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    As I can see that plugin requires SpoutCraft to teleport players.
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    You dont necessarily have to have different ip's, i think you can get away with changing the ports, but then again this part of the plugin has me confused. I have multiple ip's available if needed, I'm just not sure if they are necessary for set up.
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    Also the port did not change. Can you PM me any server IP you saw this?
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    Your idea is not possible without Spout or Client Mods
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    I believe there is a functionality like this in Multiverse (so I've been told, I'll have to look into that claim)
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    Then can you explain how other servers are able to do it.


    Does anyone know how to set up proxies :)

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    What are you actually trying to accomplish? What's the reason for these inter-server ports?
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    Right. There is no, I repeat NO, way for a plugin to have cross server warps without Spout or Client Mods. Perhaps you are getting confused between multiple servers and multiple worlds. In which case just use MultiVerse or MyWorlds.
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    kezz do you know anything about proxy servers? Because that is how you do it. You tell the client to teleport you to another server but instead of going directly there, you have to direct them through a proxy thus tricking the client into thinking that it is not leaving the current server....


    Ok let me try to be simple because I can get confusing. On servers such as legendary craft and obsidian craft, they have a main server called the hub server. From the hub server, users can go through a gate or type a command where it redirects them to the server that they chose.

    Basically i want to have multiple servers where users can teleport between them without having to use a mod or spot. And it is possible. Check out mc-lc.com

    or (because it is currently down) check out mc.obsidiancraft.com

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    So you want the server to have a plugin that is able to inform an OS/proxy of a change then redirect all communication and hand the session/state over to a new server, so that the client thinks it was simply teleported to a new world, but in reality all traffic is now being sent to another server?

    This I understood already, and it sounds like a damned nightmare.

    What I'm wondering is why you would need to do this. For all the work and network overhead that would be involved, it better be worth it.

    TBH, you may have to pay someone for this work, this goes far beyond the scope of bukkit plugins, in fact the plugin is probably the smallest piece of this.
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    Well, if you were willing to let the developer release it public, you might not have to pay -- I'm sure they'd get showered in donations for this plugin. I've seen tons of requests for this plugin, but they all end up:

    1) Having the 2 existing plugins suggested to them
    2) Saying it's not possible

    The hub idea is very popular, especially since the large servers are using it.

    Simply creating the plugin would do wonders for many people -- Setting up everything might be hard, but I'm sure someone would come out with a tutorial or something.
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    That's the issue exactly; setting up a plugin is very simple, but doing everything else required for this is not only difficult, but impractical for many people's hosting capacity.

    That said, it is kind of lame that there isn't an open source solution to this yet.
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    Definitely. The hard part for owners would be to figure out how to configure the proxy, or whatever... All the technical stuff. It wouldn't be an easy drag-and-drop type of thing.

    That being said, I still think the plugin would be popular :p
    If the developer wrote a tutorial on a general way to do this/help people understand...
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    I just made this - and it is a drag and drop :p however it was made for a private commission, but if the guy changes his mind I'll be making it public.

    Is so :p

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    Are you joking about this? You made a plugin that could be dragged-and-dropped, and link two servers together? Any catch?

    Quick question for you - Private commission as in he owns it, or as in he paid you for it... Or both?
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    He offered $$$ - so I said to wait and see if I could do it - I've been playing around with two localhost servers (25566 and 25567) and teleporting between them today. It was a good week of coding it took me, but I finally figured it out :D
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    I can't believe someone created a drag-and-drop.... Without any extra set up...

    Let's say someone has the domain "minecraftserver.com". They have two servers. "mc.minecraftserver.com" and "pvp.minecraftserver.com", or something similar.

    You're saying that you could hook them up without any... networking setup type things?
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