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    Plugin category: idk

    Suggested name: ClosedCrafting?

    What I want: I want this plugin to be pretty simple. First the objective of this plugin is so when you open a workbench you get a chest gui thing and it can be 1 row or 2 rows, etc, and you can make categories for items. Within those those catagories there will be items which you can craft that can only be crafted by items in your inventory. The catagories will be customizable such as the itemid, name, and lore. The items that you can craft will be customizable as well.

    In the config you can put the category with the items below it, and under each item what the required items have to be to craft it. For example:

        category: true
        itemid: 6:(metaid)
        - "&7Click here for tools"
        - "&7and other tools~"
          "&bWooden Shovel":
            category: false (true will make it a semi category"          
            itemid: 269
            - wood:0:1 (1 wooden plank),stick:0:2(2 sticks)      0 = metaid
    In the catagory Tools, this is what the wooden shovel would look like. After crafting the item
    though only the name with whatever color will stay and lore will be removed.


    Ideas for command:
    - /cc reload - Reloads config

    Ideas for permissions:
    None needed.

    When I'd like it by: This week!
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    Nice idea, similar to the xbox version of minecraft. Definitely seems possible, although I don't think you'll get it made for you by this week :p
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    Would you be able to do it though and thanks lol. Someone made something similar within 1-2 days haha that's why I asked.
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    Unfortunately not, I'm too inexperienced in Java and the bukkit API for something like that... sorry
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    No worries thanks for advice on other thread.
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    Bump really need this, it can be any type of crafting honestly it just has to allow me to set what items are required to craft certain items.
  7. I'm assuming you are using this with mods, seeing the creative inventory picture. I am not sure all plugins work with mods, just a heads up
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    If I knew how to code this, I would. Although I continue to learn how to code so you might be in luck sooner or later. :)
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    I have an idea on how I could do this, as in different categories do you mean like on server shops? For e.g one could be wood, all the wood items that can be crafted? Same with all the categories
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    No just a hardcore server lol.

    see the way I put the config is categorized in its own way, and everything is practically customized, if you put 3 categories then it'll be one row, if you have 10 categories it'll go to two rows etc.
  11. If you want to do that the config have to change a little bit to be something like this:

    Data_value: 0
    Lore: craft it
    Data_value: 0
    Lore: craft it

    Or maybe the configuration to json (the standard that Minecraft uses for texture packs)
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    Would you be able to do the plugin though?
  13. I think I might be able, but I'm very busy and working on another plugin (maybe when I finish I start this)
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    Alright thanks! Would highly appreciate it :)
  15. Although the config file will be a json
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    Would I be able to edit it though? and what difference would it be from a normal config
  17. If you want I'll add an in-game way to add items
    Unless you want custom crafting, that way you'll have to learn json (not very complicated)
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    Well I guess it's up to you honestly :)

    I personally think if you do it from ingame it'll be a lot harder but it would be easier for the user customizing everything
    because he can always see what's happening I guess. For example to start you could do /cc on (enabled plugin) then /cc catg1 <item:id> <name> <lore> which would be first category in the workbench, and /cc catg2 would make the 2nd category. And to start making items in each catagory I guess you'd do /ccitem catg1 <item:id> <name> <lore>.

    Names can be optional as well as lores, if no lore then no lore but if no name it takes the default name of the item. The thing is I can already see this being complex, then you'd need a /cclist to list everything and a /ccremove etc.
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