[CLOSED] UltimateJail - The Final Replacement For JailLikeHell and Jail

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Deleted user, Jun 12, 2012.

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    when will be done????
    is waiting in vain an excitement:)
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    Is there a github link so that other developers **cough**me**cough** can contribute?
  3. It's done when it's done, I think. Don't hurry, all you do with this is annoying devs.
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    Oh dont get me wrong, i wasn't trying to:D
    But sorry...
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    Please make the plugin block all commands of jailed players by default.

    The former "jail" plugin has the option to add commands that should be blocked, and jailed people always find another command to get out. To make it worse it also doesnt check the commands in a case insenstive way. Such that players can type /sPawn or /SPawn etc... like millions of combinations over all "blocked" commands. So block all commands by default please and add a list for the commands which should be allowed.

    (this is one of the basic security principles, block everything by default and only allow the required operations, instead of the other way around.)
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    Seeing as you guys are full on devs and do not need anymore, can I offer my services as a web designer? I think that I could create an awesome website that would display each plugin awesomely.
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    One thing that annoyed me about the old jail I used was if a player was offline and I jailed them, then realized I wanted them in a different jail, I couldn't fix it. Like:

    /jail player 5 netherjail testing
    "Player is offline. He will be automatically jailed when he connects".

    /unjail player
    "Player is offline. He will be automatically released when he connects".

    /jail player 5 torturechamber testing
    "That player is already jailed!"

    It'd be great if the new plugin didn't have that issue :)
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    /unjailforce fixes that.
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    I dont even think its close to being done and were testing it our selves
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    Deleted user

    As leader of UltimateDev, here are the new announcements.
    1. Current progress of UltimateJail: 11%
    2. Newest member of UltimateDev: Sushi
    3. This plugin will have all the features of Jail, and more!

    Please visit our WIP page for more details.
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    I HEAVILY support this guy's statement of making all commands off by default. Please, please make them all off be default because it is extremely annoying as people just type a command and are free. It's not hard to deal with the wolves that come out even if I give them infinite help, all the players have to do is move into a safe area or hide behind something, or both.
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    I just setup a worldguard to block the commands by setting up a whitelist. Then the only commands they can use is listed, such as jailcheck.
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    I would love to help with this project. I'm very good at editing code, but not creating form scratch.
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    I would have loved to join in under development, but I see you're closed for recruitment. :)
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    Just curious as we have no definitive UltimateJail build available to us yet, will any of you plugin developers of the previous jail plugins be updating your plugins to Minecraft 1.3.1? Or shall we be waiting for a release here?
    Thank you,
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    They should change them to endermen, that would be scaring as hell.. Only way to get away from them is water :(..
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    No make it a Ghast that can't die, doesn't destroy the landscape and instantly teleports within a block of the player at all times inside the players face! If only...
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    And auto equip a pumpkin that can't be taken off for getting it too be more scary, and add Bedrock fog :O... That would be scaring :O
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    You should store prisoners' inventories in locked chests, like in millenaire. so people can view them, but nobody can edit them. =D
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    I helped to update and make the old Jail plugin, so may I join? If no, then I'm sorry for pestering. If yes, then thanks much!
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    Deleted user

    Of course! Add me on Skype: ShootToMaim.
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    Why are jail plugins so hard? Couldn't you just tp a player to a point when they do something bad or when an op types a command... then if an op types another command tp them back?
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    There's a lot more to what they're doing than just keeping them in a location.
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    wiigor EXACTLY!!!
    EVERY jail plugin always wanted you to write down the commands to block and with 30 plugins thats quite a list and i always thought "why not just switch that around to make EVERYONES life simpler"
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    Only just got back into the whole plugin development thing. Ill add you now.
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    Deleted user

    You haven't yet...
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    Sorry for delays guys. We're trying our best to get a release out soon, but we've been bogged down by school and work lately.

    Right now our set release date is when it's done
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    i would help.............if i knew how 2 make plugins. :p
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    I can help you dude!
    I know Java (with bukkit's libraries) and C#

    contact me on skype: iambytes
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