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[Random Because Wanna Know Which Is Preferred] Which would you use PEX or GroupManager

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    Closed Thread!!!

    Can someone make a tool, because I can't find out, that would convert permissions from PEX to GroupManager

    If anyone asks why GroupManager over PEX its because the PEX author is taking too long to update and my community is in need of the perms NOW
    And I don't wanna do 30 plugins perms all over again

    hope this is possible

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    What would take longer, someone to make this tool or you to convert your permissions manually?

    That's what I thought.
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    Convert it manually as the layout is pretty much the same. Just remove the option nodes and stick with groups and users list.

    Remove inheritance and add the groups to the user.

    Regarding "fast" upgrades.. remember all developers do this in their free time. If the project is not marked as inactive or dead then he may have been really busy. Plus its not a "simple" plugin like GroupManager.

    That said just wait til its updated. I really dont understand the rush everytime a new server is out ... 14 days up to a month is normal for response time. Especially if the project is big and driven by a single person.
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    *********THREAD CLOSED**********
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    If you wanted to use bPermissions you could just run "/permissions import pex" it's one of the only ones with a built in converter
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    :confused: BPerms it is :D
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    I thought PEX was update :confused:?
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    No it doesn't work with the latest version of Bukkit and needs to be updated
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    <- Is using latest PEX and beta just fine. Anyways, good luck with bperms then.
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    .. Just be aware, that pex does not import from bperms. Have fun.
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