[CLOSED] Free Server Hosting, Web Hosting and Database Hosting (Rules Apply)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Haribo98, Oct 22, 2012.

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    If you have any space for test servers, I am in need of one with limited RAM, and if not, could you put me on the waiting list? I am a new developer, I only have 1 plugin so far, but I am going to be making more and more eventually, and this would really help so I don't have to keep annoying the players on my current server by restarting/reinstalling all the time.


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    Sure. You'll have to wait a while though. Not sure how long this will be...
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    Ok, thanks :) Just PM me when you have a slot free :)
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    Developers, you should try out unit testing. Just saying.
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    Sorry to all users of the Minecraft Servers. I will be shutting down the Minecraft servers due to the fact they aren't being used. I am going to be working on a new Minecraft host for these servers. So watch out for that in the future!

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    Running server hosting while using a free web host. I can already see this being successful...
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    I've purchased a new VPS for my server hosting. The web hosting is run on another VPS now.
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    If you plan to sell Minecraft servers, hosting them on a VPS isn't going to get you anywhere.
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    I will be hosting each server on it's own VPS for now. While I wait for my Dedicated Server to get setup. Which should be capable of running 2-3 servers.
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    Hey Haribo, I'd love to take up this offer to test Minepress Web plugins and Server plugins! Would this be possible ?


    edit: Just saw this isn't happening anymore :(

    Sorry for wasting your time
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    I am no longer offering Server Hosting currently. (I need to remove that from the title).
    But the website hosting, sure thing! All I need is the domain you want to use.
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    I have the domain minepress.co.uk :)
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    i need one hahaha but thank you for doing this
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    I'll tell you the details via PM

    Need one what?

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    I am incredibly sorry to anyone who lost their data on my web servers. I'm attempting to fix the issue but it might take a few days. I'm going to purchase a Dedicated server when my payment comes through. The new server will have much more power but cost a LOT more money. Please feel welcome to donate some money towards paying for this. This payment was meant to come in through at an earlier time, however the person who was meant to be paying for it, hadn't been paid either. So yes. I will re-send all your details so I can get your servers back up and running. If you want to donate. PM me, this dedicated costs $49 a month.
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    *queues world smallest violin*
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    May I use this service that you are offering to test some plugins out, the database would be great to cause I might need it for one
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    It'd be great if I could have a test server for testing out my plugins so that I can get one or 2 people to connect to test out some of my arena-esque plugins ;)
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    It will take a while before I can get it back online. Due to issues getting the new server.
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    Can i have a Web Hosting Slot 3 [ NULL ] for Web development e.g. PHP / HTML5/ CSS3 AND MYSQL ?
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    Sure. I will send you the details when I get the new host.
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    If is posible i need a server slot.
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    I Would Love A Bukkit Server Please*

    If You Accept I'll Send You A File For It

    It Will Be For Me, My Sister And 1-4 Friends

    Thanks, Matt :)

    *i.e. the Server Hosting 3
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    Guys. I've said I'm trying to get the new server setup. Please stop posting more on this until I say they're available.
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    Would be great if i can get a server to host minecraft and test my plugins and others on it would be much appreciated
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    Christ is this thread still going?

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    I'm trying to get people to stop reading it. But people keep posting and bringing it back. I will say when I will reopen this service.
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    ikr xd
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    Locked. Offer no longer exists.
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