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  1. Since one of our Members ysl3000 left the Project/has got personal Problems, i will not continue the full Support of the Plugin from my side. Maybe he will continue it.​

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    .... to the SmartServerTool. This Plugin was/is designed to provide you some simple Server Commands (This mostly refers to a Vanilla-like server).
    The Plugin is currently under Construction so the Commands may change in the Future or others can be added!
    Below you can find the Basics of our Plugin. You can also find a link to our GitHub Page and our Official Website!
    Have Fun with our Plugin pommes


    DEV-Version: v10.4​
    Our "SECRET" Project :D SmartServerTool Recipes
    [​IMG] (ip)
    Contact: just PM us or post it in the section below!​
    Twitter: prinzpommes - ysl3000
    klick me :)
    Here is a nice Video by KrazyGames21
    - Block Creeper Block damage​
    - Disable Ender grief​
    - Hide/Show Player​
    - Heal Player​
    - Change Gamemode​
    - OP and MOD mode​
    - Set Spawn and Spawn​
    - Prevent Fire Spread​
    - Simple Drop-Chances​
    - etc.......​
    klick me :)


    Channelog v.3
    • RELEASE!
    • Spawn set is possible
    Channelog v.3.5
    • On respawn, beds are now recognized
    Channelog v.4.1
    • Fixed some Bugs containing the Messages
    Channelog v.5.1
    • Added mod (=op-mode only)
    • admin makes you an op and changes the Gamemode too
    Channelog v.5.2
    • /mod now lets u change someone else OP-Mode!
    Channelog v.5.4
    • fixed some Bugs concerning the Messages
    • added //cpu for cpu load! (Edit not working properly - will be updated)
    Channelog 1.2.4 v.5.5
    • direct spawn is possible now
    • with /fly you can now fly
    Channelog 1.2.4 v.6.0
    • hide you withs /hide
    • show you withs /show
    • added permission sst.cansee with this permission you can see hidden player
    Channelog 1.2.4 v.6.3
    • /fly <player>
    • /back
    • /done
    • /mod
    • /seed
    • sst.nolog to disable commandlogging for certain people
    Channelog 1.2.4 v.7
    • in modmode you have now a Prefix , it looks like this <[MOD] | YourPlayername>
    • some Bugfixes with tp permission
    • on Player quit , player in modmode return automatically to normal, like with /done
    • permission for building and breaking block's and sst.break
    • creeper can't destroy blocks anymore, but playerdamage is on
    • endermans can't pickup blocks
    • now you can lookup others gamemode /gm <player>
    • playerinfo is added , using is explained aforementione
    Channelog 1.2.4 v.7.0.1
    • removed certain bugs on player quit
    • removed feather as lookuptool now you can use everthing if you have the permission
    Channelog 1.2.4/1.2.5 v.7.0.2
    • fixed drop event
    • added and sst.break (forgot that in the permissions)
    Channelog 1.2.5 v.8.1
    • added config :)
    Channelog v.8.3
    • added setbedspawnlocation at day{rightclick on bed}
    • added /kick <player/-a> reason permission: sst.kickall
    • added breathing under water with a helmet:
      • if your air/bubbles is/are empty you'll have to sneak
      • helmet get dammage
      • uses normal durability
    • new config entries:
      • Plugin-advert
      • maintenance_mode
        • need permission sst.joinservice
      • maintenance_message
      • banmessage
      • whithelist-mesage
      • serverfullmessage
        • need permission sst.joinfull to join if server is full
    Channelog v.8.4
    • added many config-options:
      • disable/enable messages
      • Drop-Chance is now editable
      • fire spread etc. can be edited
    • Glass-Pane drop - can be turned off
    • full Glass-Blocks now drop Sand - can be turned off
    • fixed Spawn not be kept after restart. (will be saved all 2 Minutes - will be changed later)
    • Fire-Spread now can be deactivated (lightning/lighter/lava/gerneral fire)
    • MANY fixes :)
    Channelog v.9
    • better Config-Structure
    • Fontaine using the special brickstone block (id=98:3)
    • option to diable the pressure plate monster event
    • many bug fixes
    Channelog v.9.1
    • many bug fixes
    • added sst.interact for disableing player interaction etc. (you need the permission! if you want to interact with doors, chests etc.)
    Channelog v.9.2
    • mostly Bugfixes concerning the Config (added the possibility to turn off player.interact feature
    • fixed drop chances
    • successfully add the /i function.
    Channelog v.10
    - destroying Enderchest will drop ... ENDERCHEST! :D
    - fixed back command - added better trapdoor handling ( you'll see it on a screenshot )
    - flying torches ( also on a screenshot )
    - boat won't be destroyed by blocks
    - configuratable question and answer, type /answer < answer > to grant access to spezial group compatible with group manager , should be tested with PEX !
    - Some bug fixes
    Channelog v.10.1_02
    - Some bug fixes
    - added option to disable gravity and torch-destroy on block break​
    - fixed version number​


    Header and Logos done by Cr0wZ

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  2. Update to 1.2.5!
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    Please remove changelog from spoiler and change category to [ADMN]
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  4. thx in advance :) i did that
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    Looks like a great.Plugin il try it later.;0
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    You can have all but the last 3 in a spoiler.
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    This may sound like a dumb question but. How exactly do the permissions? It always says its invalid.

    Please Help!
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    Cool plugin =D
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  9. thx :) also to ysl3000 for realising my ideas and fixes :D

    uuuuh... could u please specify your question(e.g. tell me your permission plugin etc. )

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    Great Idea for a plugin, but the setsp command doesn't work. I have all of the permissions set up and it says "Unknown command" as well as that command doesn't appear in the game help messages

    And also there was a message that pops up when players log in. Your plugins doesn't say anything about that, although it only started happening after I installed it

    I learned one more thing. When using the towny mod and this mod, it seems as though is stops all players from breaking blocks except for ops. After I uninstalled it then everything was fine again

  11. uuuh :)
    first thing: its //setsp ;)
    second thing: yeah right :) will be modified later ;)
    third: thx for reminding me to update the permissions.. you now need sst.break &
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    so two slashes then?
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  13. Right buddy! and thx again for the advise that i forgot the permission :)
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    My friend can't break/build blocks so i need to know where/how to put the and sst.break things in.
  15. uuuh well i first need to know if u got any permission plugin and which one :)
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    Lime_Frog You need to put them in your permissions plugin config.yml file
    If you don't have a permissions plugin then I suggest that you get on or only ops on your server will be able to break/place

    One more idea,
    Could you add a sst.* node so that it will give all permissions to moderators and such?

    Thanks for the fix!
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    How do i make it work with permissionsbukkit?
  18. well:
    that should be it!

    Thaks for that Demon ;)
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  20. Thanks at Demon again! :)

    btw: new version is out v8.1 - we added a config file now :)
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    Does any of this not allow TNT or Creepers to explode?
  22. Essentials,PLGessentials,CommandBook. Okay but too many other related plugins.
  23. It denies Creepers Explosion / Block Damage
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    I'm using Essentials right now. But when it's outdated or inactive, I'll switch to this.
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    Is there a way to make them explode and make block damage?
  26. if you got v8.1 simply go to the config and set creeper to false :)
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    Perhaps some commands for players like /list /tpa /tpahere /msg /mail and things like that.
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    This may have been happening before, but now I have noticed that whenever I use a command (only the shortcut ones)
    then the console gets this big error like...

    14:55:59 [SEVERE] java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal pattern character 'Y'
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.compile(
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.initialize(
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.<init>(
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at java.text.SimpleDateFormat.<init>(
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at com.github.ysl3000.CommandLogger.commandToLog(
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at com.github.ysl3000.SmartServerTool.onCommand(
    14:55:59 [SEVERE] at org.bukkit.command.PluginCommand.execute(

    I'm just hoping there is a way to fix this so my server.log file doesn't get over loaded
  29. hmmm ... this one should be pretty new since i never saw that one when i looked in the test servers log . btw: the plugin currently does not accept console input, keep that in mind :) - i'll redirect it to ysl :)
  30. i like the plugin i think i might get it
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