Climbing a few blocks high, crawling

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by Ovocean, Feb 5, 2017.

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    I'm looking for a replacement for the abandoned Smart Moving mod. I can't play without climbing anymore, it makes life so much easier! And is realistic. And just feels good.

    Wished features, hopefully doable in a plugin:

    - Climbing: While airborne (i.e., after jumping or in free fall), moving forward against a solid block (fences/stone wall included) with air above makes the player move up, as if they were pulling to climb that block.

    - Charged jump: Pressing crouch key + jump key for a couple seconds charges a power jump up to 2.5 blocks high. (With climbing, it lets you climb up to 4 blocks.)
    - Alternative if charged jump is too complicated or impossible in a plugin: Double jump.

    - (Optional) Grabbing a ledge: While airborne, pressing space (crouching) while against a ledge stops your vertical movement, as if you stayed hanging on the ledge.

    - (Optional) Crawling: double tap the crouch key to crawl. Lets you move through 1 block holes. Use the flying animation horizontally? Release crouch key to stop crawling.
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