Client freezes upon logging in own server, for other players as well

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Arukia, Oct 21, 2011.

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    There's nothing abnormal in my logs, and I have tried using chunkster, but no avail. If I let the client sit for a while, it gives me a 'Took to long to log in", or has a 20% chance of actually letting one of us log in.

    Starting a new world does not work, either. :(

    Edit: also, disabling all plugins does not work either.
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    Well, this is NOT bukkit. It's me and all my friends are having the same problem.
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    That was my original assumption, but it seems to be permissions! Removing it fixes it completely, and deleting all my previous files/replacing Permissions breaks it once again. Whyyy ;_;

    addition: yes, I tried a standalone new build of Bukkit and it breaks this way with Permissions 3.1.6, no other plugins
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    I keep getting " Read timed out" and "Took too long to log in" errors. I've created new bukkit servers. Fresh. No plugins at all. I still can't log into my server. All ports are open and forwarding correctly. What's going on?
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    I'm getting this as well. Gotta be a thing. Anyone try starting up their server in offline mode?
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    Okay, I changed it to "online-mode=false" and now I can log in. I'm guessing something stupid is going on at Mojang again.
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    Haha, yup, figured as much. Sounds like they've got some server shenanigans going on over there. I wonder if notch's red-phone is flashing yet.
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    Having the same problem. Left for work hours ago the server was fine, came back and it's like this.
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    Bukkit sad. Bukkit want you to access the server, but Bukkit cannot let you. Bukkit will leak tears.
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    Sorry if it's a dumb question but, what is the difference between offline and online mode? They both seem to do the same thing from my end.
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    Offline Mode Won't authenticate usernames with notch upon login allowing hacked clients and people to spoof existing usernames ( pretend to be admin for example by tricking the game into logging in with their username)

    Subsequently also the reason why it is possible to login when Notch's servers are being dumb like they are now.

    Online mode: Does authenticate usernames and does checks for authenticity, This will stop people logging in under under fake names and using pirated clients.

    As a result of this upon login Notch's servers have to check it's database to see if the user is a paid user and that the username conforms to the username requirements such as no symbols things like that. Basically just makes sure its indeed valid, and is why you rely on the magic on notch's end to be stable and not play up like it is currently.

    If his servers play up you will get " Timed Out" and "End of Stream" disconnects or you might simply just get a "Could not connect to" error. Really depends on what part of the processes of authenticating is playing up.

    Note: The other two errors can happen from local causes as well if you cannot connect locally to your own server then it is usually an issue out of your control.
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    Thank you sir
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