ClearLag - Is there an alternative lag solution?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by AdamB94, Dec 2, 2013.

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    Dear all,

    So I've been slowely but steadily improving my new CraftBukkit server, trying to add the necessary plugins for it to suit it's purpose.

    So, to the point. I have the ClearLag plugin, which removes fallen items, but I have two issues with it:

    1.) Since ClearLag removes all items at once, this causes a problem when a player dies shortly before ClearLag removes all items, thus losing their inventory and not being able to return to get their stuff.

    2.) Console spam! Every several minutes, I get two message. I get the green warning that warns players of item removal, and I get the message stating how many items were deleted.

    Is there a plugin that removes items in a different timing method?

    Thank you!

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    This suggestion doesn't fix the issues at hand. Even if I increase the warning time, players might not notice/remember it and die before removal activates.

    And also, removing the warnings solves the console spam, but imagine the problems that would cause if players lost their items with no warning?
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    So make up your mind, do you want warnings or not? Simple decision and it is up to YOU.

    As for inventories dropping, you can fix that several ways. You can install a plugin where inventory items are not dropped at all upon death or you can have items spawn in a chest dropped where the player died or have a corpse of the player spawn with their inventory inside.
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