Clear Inv & reset Region when entering/ leaving regions

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    Plugin category: World Editing

    Suggested name: Maybe.. "Make the region live"? :D Dont know, really... ;)

    A bit about me: Just an another server owner who knows nothing about dev in Java and Bukkit. If you want to know something from me in Basic or C/C++, it shouldn't be a big deal, but Java... go away ;D

    What I want: In a few words I'll give you an example. I don't know if theres already a plugin which manages such things, would be much more great! Anyway:
    A player enters a region (cuboid) and his inventory gets cleared (wheater it is completly deleted or just unavailable doesnt matter). BUT inside this region he should be able to collect things in his inventory. When he leaves the region, his inventory got cleaned again - and maybe (not a must!) his old inventory is restored.

    When a player leaves the region, it is restored to the state he entered it (would be managed through kind of a "save" from the region, the region is restored through the save-file, similar to a WorldEditShematic).

    Saved is everything locally in a *.yml. MySQL isnt needed (for me!) but maybe for others who wants to use it too, so...

    Ideas for commands: Admin just have to "/region save" it for making a snapshot of it (from which the region restores itself when a player leaves it... or no player is inside the region); also the Admin should be able to manually "/region restore" it for maintaince purposes. And maybe a "/region list" for listing every region, sorted by worlds where there are in (but a multiworld support isnt really necessary!).

    Ideas for permissions: Well... not a big deal... you just need 3 nodes for the commands above and maybe 1 node for "if you have this node, you will be able to use this region with its features".

    Willing to pay up to: So... I know how messy it could be in developing something... plus I really know s* in Java, so it would be impossible for me to make. IRL I'm working as a.... google says: "Systems integration specialists" (sounds a bit... well... :D) so I quite know a few things about... anyway, what I want to say and you want to hear: would be cool if this is for free, but I wouldnt mind paying up to... lets say 15€ (plus/ minus a few euros) (paysafe card or clickandbuy 'ld be best options, dont have paypal - my bank doesnt accept it.. dont ask me why...).

    When I'd like it by: According to the already past public release of my server...... ASAP! :D No, srsly, when I would say I want it today/ tomorrow I'ld be a dickhead, I could barely imagine how long something like this will took.. if I would get an answer today/ or tomorrow if at least anyone is interested in making such a thingy, it would be enough ;)

    I just gonna let this in this example formatting, maybe you guys prefer your names being listed here, if not I will remove the last part here:
    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B (yes I tagged myself)


    P.S.: Sorry for my poor english, I hope you guys understand what I want from you ;-)

    Edit: Damn me... messed up the title :X

    Is it possible (may a Mod help me :D) to change the title, shorten it up and put a "[FORMATTED]" behind it? Grml... :X

    Let me bump this :p

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    problem there is, there is always an opening through which items can be tossed outside the region :p unless access in and out of the region is only done through teleporting.
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    For simple clearing the inentory I already found a solution. Plus it isnt any kind of competition or something I want this for. This is just for entertaining the people who play on my server. With this plugin i want to "help" them, e.g. if the player got much junk in his inventory and wants to delete it anyway, so such a plugin would be helpful. Of course I want to prevent players from getting something inside the area. The area s gonna having only 1 enterance, 2 steeldoors which can be only passed through 1 way. Exiting the area is only possible with /spawn and/or /home.
    In general cheating in MC isnt really that hard... so if someone fells to need to chear... why should I stop him? :p

    What I *really* need is kind of saving the state, the world was before a player joined the region/ area - and when he leaves, the region has to restore itself to the state it were before. There are similar plugins which support parts of that function, but I only need (and want!) the functions described above ;)

    But thanks for your comment kalez ;D

    Bumpin again :p

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    gotcha, i was just more or less bringing it to mind =b most servers are hellbent on preventing cheating
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    For the rest of the server I am trying to block cheating whereever I can. Damn thing is that Orebsfusrohdah isnt working like it should, so, btw. I am also searching for a anti x-ray tool (what it does, doesnt matter, it just should work :/). But the thing with resetting a region is just a "event" or a "minigame" on the server. If they win it or not changes nothing, no rewards, just for entertaining purposes, so if they r going to cheat or not... ;)
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    Bump, still needed :/

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