Clay PaintBall Gun

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by ZeaL_BG, Nov 23, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: ClayGun

    What I want: I want plugin that fire snowballs from configured item and when the snowballs hit clay they paint it with the choosen color. When you leave the game/server stop, it reset everything. I't will be cool if you add option for cooldown and cooldown message in the config with value like:
    You can use your paintball gun again after %time% seconds!

    Ideas for commands:
    /cpbg gun - gives you the gun
    /cpbg {Color} - choose the color - {color} can be blue or red.
    /cpbg reset - reset your painted blocks

    Ideas for permissions:
    cpbg.gun - for /cpbg gun
    cpbg.colour - for /cpbg red/blue
    cpbg.reset - for /cpbg reset

    When I'd like it by: ASAP
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    Not going to flatter you and say I will do it but if I have time today I will start.
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    And maybe I will take a break tomorrow from coding my server's plugins to code you something if Laxer21117 doesn't make it for you. No guarantees
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Removed unnecessary discussion.
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    Up. Again... Need It too much!
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    I don't need gadget and I try them both + read good what I need :)
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    @JordyPwner I think that user who made the plugin went inactive...
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    I really need it..
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    I'll try if I have the time :D
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    It's done.
    Permission nodes: - Allows players to use set their paintball splash/color to blue. - Allows players to use set their paintball splash/color to red.
    tnpb.gun- Allows players to use /tnpb gun and receive the paintball gun.


    /tnpb gun - Gives gun
    /tnpb red - sets color to red
    /tnpb blue - sets color to blue


    Receive'&7[&bTNPB&7] &7You have received the paintball gun!'
    Permission'&7[&bTNPB&7] &7You don''t have permission to do this!'
    AlreadyHave'&7[&bTNPB&7] &7Your color is already set to {color}!'
    ColorSet'&7[&bTNPB&7] &7Your have set your color to {color}!'
    '&7[&aTNPB&b] &7Paintball Gun'
    Download here.

    NOTE: Snowballs do no extra damage as you didn't ask for that.
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    @Krizeh Just so you know in the post you just posted you put the commands as /tnbp and not /tnpb.
    I was confused for so long xD
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    I don't need snowball damage feature. Thanks for it but sometimes when I shot snowball it doesn't paint the clay and can you change it from wool to clay? For the command for clear the painted things - I don't care that much. Bug: When you paint clay you always get the normal white clay. Fix it to remember the block id you painted and back it.
    Thanks for your work!
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    Looool Thanks, fixed just now.


    Give me some time to fix that, I'm busy at the moment. I'll respond to your message just now.

    EDIT by Timtower: merged posts
    EDIT by Krizeh: Thanks Timtower, I needed that.
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    Do I still need to make this or does Krizeh gots dis?
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    Here is the updated version:

    Download here.

    Block Data is saved so it regens to the previous color.
    Changed to clay, if enough people want it I'll make the color configurable and the amount of colors configurable.
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    When someone shot with blue and paint something and then someone else shot with red and pain the blue it backs to the normal clay and then to blue - get bugged.
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    You fixed it, but now I can't paint blue with red and red with blue. Find another way to fix it. I want it to be paintable.

    Can you make it to pain as '+' not as square:

    Can you remove the messages when you write:
    /tnpb gun/red/blue
    and leave it only for /tnpb?
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