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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by zilkanilex2, Aug 8, 2013.

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    Conquest - class system
    Hey, I am working on a sever that is going to be something along the lines of the world vs world mini-game from guild wars 2, but I am in need of some plugins.

    I know the other plugins dont exist yet, but they all need to hook into each other when they are created
    Plugin category: General

    Suggested name: Tharcraft Classes

    What I want: I need a plugin that hooks into this plugin.
    In the lobby there will be a wall with a bunch of signs on it with a class name (warrior archer etc) and when you click on that sign it will give you a set of armour/weapons and some steak, I would like it to be customizable in the config how many classes there are, what they are, and what they get.

    Also there needs to be a way to resupply the equipment while playing on the server, example, right clicking a chest replenishes thing like arrows, food etc but does not give you more then what you started with.

    Players will not drop any items when they die. When they die all of their equipment will be resupplied. Also they should be prevented from dropping items out of their inventors.

    There will be two teams, and each team will have the option to use a global or team chat /t c for team chat and /g c for global chat. I would also like it to be able to hook into tag api to change their display name both in chat and over their heads to reflect the color of the team they are one, red and blue teams should be the colors.

    Ideas for commands: I would like everything to be done by clicking a sign with the class name on it, like what you do to choose a class in the plugin "mob arena"
    /t c for team chat and /g c for global chat

    Ideas for permissions: Each class should its own node, so that there can be donator classes.
    Example, warrior.class and if they don't have that node, then they cant select the class

    When I'd like it by: No time request, just don't take to long to make it :p

    There are other things I would, such as a skill system but I would like them as separate plugins that can hook into this one so everything works as one, but can be updated/repaired individually.

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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    zilkanilex2 1 Thing, you need to have this plugin first before the other one can hook into it...
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    I know, but if (when) they ARE made I would like them to all hook into each other
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Then it was wiser to request them one at the time, starting with this one
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    I did not want to request one giant plugin but rather a few smaller ones, its still a huge request but hey, if someone wants to help me out thats great
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    I know this is a big request, but even if you are not willing to help me with this then could you send me somewhere that would be willing to help?
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    All I need is a plugin that gives players a kit/potion effect via clicking a sign in the lobby, and then be able to replenish all items that were "used up" by clicking a chest in the main world.
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    I think I found a plugin that will satisfy this need sufficiently.

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    Locked per request.
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