[Class] Display particles the easy way with ParticleLibrary [Reflection]

Discussion in 'Resources' started by bigteddy98, Mar 4, 2014.

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    This resource is no longer available.
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    bigteddy98 Aren't there enough particle effect libraries in the Bukkit resources section?^^
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    Almost all of them are simpely importing the classes (no reflection). Maybe there are some, but I couldn't find a good one.
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    Agreeing with darkblade here, his has worked perfectly for me and I believe it does have reflection..
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    bigteddy98 jou are the create of the firt publik empirewand how create a thunderstorm pliezz tel me it
    je bent de maker van de eerste publieke empirewand hoe heb je je de thunderstorm gemaakt mag ik de code pliezz??
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    Someone get the decryption key please
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    xTrollxDudex Found it! "You are the creator of the first public empirewand, how did you make the thunderstorm, may I have the code please?"

    Either way, nice job bigteddy98, although those method names seem a bit too long to me... By the way, you misspelled 'sendParticleToPlayer'. ;)
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    bigteddy98 How would you remove the particle's?
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    Particles last a second or two at most. They disappear on their own. Nothing stays around. What do you mean by remove the,?
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