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    Welcome to CLASH
    Plugin Category: Mega Fun

    Plugin Suggested Name: CLASH

    What I would like:

    Clash of Clans in Minecraft. Enough said. I am looking for someone who would want to really devote their time to make this plugin. I am looking for someone who can start an epic adventure with me and make the next plugin that will be a house hold name, like SkyBlock or Factions. So who is ready?

    What is Clash Of Clans? A multiplayer game, Clash of Clans allows players to build their community, train troops, and attack other players to earn gold and elixir while building their own defenses to protect against attackers. Players can also use the chat feature to communicate with others and join clans to aid each other.

    The way I am thinking this can be made:
    Players spawn on there own platform in the sky with a Town Hall, kinda like SkyBlock. Currency would be just like the iPhone Game, as time goes by you get money and items. There will be chat channels between global & clan chat. This is just a rough draft of what it has the potential to be so more will be added.

    How the clan works: Everyone is able to create a clan if they have a clan castle built and have a sufficient amount of coins to buy the clan. Once the clan is created your able to advertise in global chat your clan and people can use commands to join whoever s if they have there Clan Castle built.

    Warning: It may be best for you to play Clash Of Clans

    I am looking for someone to do this with me and it doesn't matter how long it takes or the commands that will be in it for right now. This is a big project, so come with me won't you?

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    That has been in "Planning" since November I don't think that it will be good. So it really hasn't already been done because there is no link to download it. So it obviously isn't done.
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    @MaxxxHDI I don't think a single person will take on a project of this magnitude. Considering the number of people contributing to the linked project.

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