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    Plugin Category: Minigame

    Suggested Name: Clash of Craft or Clash of Clans

    What I want: Every played the ios game 'Clash of Clans'? If so, continue to the next paragraph.
    Clash of Clans is an ios game in which you can build up a village and attack other villages.
    I want there to be a 75x75 Grass Floor with nothing around it. Each grass floor will have 5 centralized buildings called the town hall, a gold mine, an elixir collected, two builder huts, and a cannon. This buildings can be placed as the player wants, but they have to stay within bounds of the grass floor. From there, you will have an emerald in your inventory called "Shop". You need to right click the emerald to open the shop. From there, you can buy buildings using either gold or elixir. Gold and Elixir are received from the Gold mines and Elixir collectors. As you upgrade your townhall in the shop, you can buy more and more gold mines and elixir collectors. To defend your base from attacks, you need to put up walls. Walls need to be broken in order to go through. Cannons can be fired to also defend the town hall. If 50% of the village is destroyed, you get a star. If 100% is destroyed, you get another star. If the town hall is destroyed, you get another star. The maximum amount of stars is 3. The ranking system will be Trophies. I want the trohpies to be displayed on the right of the players screen on the scoreboard. Trophies are received by attacking other players successfully, or by defending a base and not losing 1 star. Trophies are lowered when you at least lose 1 star when defending or if you fail to get at least 1 star on a base while attacking.

    I want a 75x75 Grass floor
    I want each village to have 5 buildings.
    I want to be able to collect elixir from the elixir collectors. Every 2 ticks, 3 elixir is given.
    I want to be able to collect gold from the gold mines. Every 2 ticks, 3 gold is given.
    I want a scoreboard to tell me how many trophies I have, how much elixir I have, and how much gold I have.
    I want to be able to randomly attack villages.
    I want to be able to get trophies or lose trophies from battles.
    I want to be able to right click a gem and have a shop opened.
    To attack, I want to be given the troops that I trained and have the troop into a zombie. That zombie will attack all the buildings it sees. The priority of it will be to destroy the closest build to it.
    I want to be able to spawn the troop with a spawn egg

    Ideas for Commands:
    -/c attack *Randomly selects another one's village and allows the player a chance to attack it.*
    -/c help *Displays all the commands*
    -/c start *Only can be used once. Gives the player the village, tp's the player to their village, and gives the player the ability to fly in survival.
    -/c train <troop> *Allows the player to train troops that can attack another one's village.*
    -/c reload *Reloads plugins*

    Ideas for permissions: clash.default

    When I'd like it by: Sometime from today to 3 months from now
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    This could be cool, but minecraft isn't the place to have this plugin as there is problems with entities. Turrets are possible but no likely to be strikers bc things in their way. The bullets phase thru other buildings.
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    If this does work for you PM me I would LOVE to be staff or at least play on a server like this!
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    it isn't possible any way you would like it just like i told you on Skype i told you ways it could be but you didn't like that

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