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    As far as I know, every town mod is based on the idea of square towns, but it would be really cool and perhaps simpler if someone could make a mod that simply considered you inside a town if you were within a certain distance of the center-point. Typically towns are more circular than square, except as forced by a wall or rectangular zone.

    To define a town, you would specify center position, radius, and depth (below where you are). Within this range, you could limit spawning of certain mobs, disable PvP, disallow TNT placement, among other settings. Settings would remain the same outside the radius and below the town, so if you dug a mine you would still have mobs down there. (Of course they could set the depth to be the entire map if they wanted.)

    When you leave the town, it should say 'Left Town', and when you re-enter the circle, 'Welcome To TownName'. It may also display information on what has been disabled/enabled as a result of your movement.
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    I just want to add a neat addition I thought of. This mod could be used to add capture the flag or king of the hill for PvP.

    So yeah if anyone has any other things they thought of would be a cool addon to this idea let me know.

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