Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by a town219, Dec 18, 2011.

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    a town219

    Is there any other solution to fixing chunk errors? I tried so hard to get chunkster to work and when it finally works, it deleted all the terrain in my server and just replaced it with water. Luckly i had a backup but pls i need solutions!
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    MCEdit is something you could try as well, failing that you will need to revert to a backup, if you don't have that you are really stuck in the water so to speak
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    Nathan C

    Oh, because you don't know how to use a simple Bukkit tool, it all of a sudden sucks?

    Love that logic.
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    a town219

    I've been looking for a solution to this error for months and i haven't got any help... I think that does suck.

    I don't see you trying to help me figure out the problem.

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    1) stay calm, proceed to step 2.
    2) try to fix the chunk error using MCEdit. Don't want to use MCEdit? goto 3.
    3) put a backup online. No Backup? step 4.
    4) try use chunkster again and try to find a solution for the error you get in it. No chunkster? goto 5.
    5) goto 1.

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    If chunkster doesn't fix it, and MCEdit doesn't fix it, you need to restore from backups. If you don't have backups, you can start with a fresh world.

    You really don't have any other options.
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