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    Hi, I'm setting up a server and I want the ability for the admin (me) to assign a chunk to a player from sky to bedrock (obviously because they would own the whole "chunk"). But I also want the players to not be able to alter anything in the world outside of their OWN chunk. I want to be able to give multiple chunks to players that earn enough in my economy system (like allow them to "add" to their property). Also, having a "free zone" that anyone can alter however they wish will be paramount to the server (that's how they earn economy). Are there existing plugins that can give me this? Precious stones I really like.... but I don't want they player to be able to decide where his/her property is.

    So.... Overall, I'm asking for:
    • Chunk Control assigned by the admin to the player in which they player can alter the assigned chunk. This chunk would also be protected by lava, fire, etc.
    • The entire game unalterable by normal players (except their own chunk and the "free zone") including lava, fire, water, mining, building, etc
    • A "free zone" that anyone can do anything to... even lava fire water mining building [​IMG] (basicly this is the area NOT affected by the mod I'm requesting.)
    One way to go about it:
    • The entire world can't be altered by default.
    • Admins through editing the mod code can place both: Chunks assigned to everyone AND Chunks assigned to specific players...

    Doing this^ should make it a similar mod to several anti-griefing mods already out there... but with added Chunk Control.

    I hope ya'll can help me... and I hope this requested mod isn't too complex... I tried to make it as easy to understand as I can.

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