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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by cuddylier, Oct 29, 2012.

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  1. Hi

    I am having a problem with a plugin causing a chunk leak.

    Plugin list:

    Output of /gc: Edit: This is now 22k chunks for the world 'world' with only 40 players online, this rises even with 30 players online well past 22k

    Plugins to rule out that have already been tested: Precious stones, simplespleef

    I would apprechiate if anyone knows if anyone knows if any of these plugins have a chunk leak or I have possibly configured one of these plugins wrongly.



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    I think this is multiverse, since it seems to be the only plugin which loads chunks within your plugin list

    I suggest changing a bit in the configuration, it is possible that the chunks around spawn are being kept in memory all the time.
  3. I have already changed all worlds to 'false'.
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    Maybe you have to many worlds, or the plugin itself is messing chunk-loading up (and not unloading them).
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    It is not Multiverse. At best, the spawn will load ~600 chunks.

    Start removing plugins and try to reproduce it.
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    I don't see any plugins which could possibly alter chunk-loading except worldborder (which I still doubt would).

    cuddylier Does this happen every time you start a server, or is this a one-time occasion?
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    I see multiple plugins that could do that. I say its not Multiverse since I use Multiverse myself, same with WorldBorder and the latest versions (nor the older versions) make this an issue for me.

    Step 1) Make sure every single plugin has been updated.
    Step 2) Remove them one by one to find the culprit.

    Also, cuddylier, what backup script/method are you using? Do you see a save-all happening in your console while your server is running?
  8. Everytime I start the server this happens over time.

    Step 1 has been done, I have started doing step 2. My backup script is just simply copying the server folder via linux, not sure of the exact script but I know it's not a plugin etc. I don't see a save-all no.
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    Pastebin that script please.
  10. My host did not seem to think it was relevent and did not want to give it out.
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    Sounds like you need a new host, in my opinion... that's not very good customer service.
  12. Bump, still having the problem, nothing I've tried has worked or suggested above.
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    So you have removed all your plugins and still see a chunk leak?

    Additionally, run in the command a "save-all" do you see the amount of chunks loaded decrease?
  14. I haven't removed all my plugins as I know it is a plugin, I turned on auto save every 5 mins but don't see much of a decrease if any.
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    If you don't remove all your plugins, how will you find the issue? It is clearly a plugin concern. :oops:
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    ^^^ Exactly.

    cuddylier, quit being a lazy ass. Do you care about your server AT ALL? Yes?

    Then man up and look through all your plugins one by one.

    Now, to problem solve... I had huge chunk issues. it took me 6 hours + 3 redbull, focus and passion for my server to go through all 74 plugins I have one by one, uploading them via FTP one by one till i found the error.

    NoCheat+ and Orebfuscator have massive chunk leaks in their recommended builds for 1.3.2.. They do not carry to 1.4.2 bukkit well. I re-removed this, loaded up all my other plugins - smooth sailing - no issues.

    Worth it? Absofreakinlutely. Exhausting? You bet. Fun? Well, for me sorta, but otherwise no.

    Update to the DEV builds of NC+ and Oreb, these are rumored to work and not cause the issues. You wont find DEV builds on the plugins themselves. Follow their respective links, if any, to download them.

    Again, stop being biggest pet peeve in MC is lazy ass owners. CARE about your server. Put the hard time in, and itll pay off.
  17. Thank you for some motivation :p I am not being lazy when I say I have not gone through every plugin one by one, it was purely based on as little disruption to players as possible as I have up to 90 players on at peak daily to deal with but I guess it will cause less disruption if I do this now instead of waiting until I am much larger.
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    If youre server is good, players can wait. :] post an advanced notice, they will be loyal and understand what youre doing for them.

    And dont take the lazy comments to much offense - when i started, i was trying to cut corners and be lazy. Now, i enjoy it, and put HOURS and personal sacrifice (staying up till 6am, work at 8am type stuff). disruption to players or not, I am owner and know what is best for my server in the long run. Going through and putting in the effort paid off - I got 6 donations last night as a result, even though server has been down for a few days.

    Cheers and go through each plugin 1 by 1 till you isolate the issue. Your players will literally thank you for doing this.

    Good luck!
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  19. When testing, did you remove each plugin one by one or did you start with nothing and add one by one?
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    Due to the severe nature of the errors and the possibility of my skylands gen being incompatible to update on 1.4.2, since that world wouldnt load in McEdit, I erased everything in my FTP and added everything one by one.

    Each time I added a world to FTP id stop server, then start. Id them /mv import my world with gen and then STOP server again, then start it, warp to it, etc.

    I then uploaded my plugins one by one, just the Jars. Restarted, got the folders, uploaded MY folder from a backup of the plugin, tested one by one.

    BKcommonLib NC+ and Oreb seemed to cause EVERYONES issues.

    So to answer your question....yes, exactly.

    Now...for plugins that dont have any world altering effects, like MobHealth or ForeverFalling or something, dont worry about them.
  21. The only plugin I have out of those three is nocheatplus, I updated to the latest dev so I'll see how it goes.
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    Feel free to PM me or update here and let us know how it goes!!! Im getting off work now to put on NC+ Dev and relaunch server. Woo!
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    So... if you know it's a plugin, then why not do some troubleshooting... would be faster than this.

    Did you even check the pages you got each addon from to see if THEY have more info? Or did you just simply come here and are demanding we all do your research for you?

    You would already have your answer by now if you were willing to put some effort into this...
  24. I have heavily researched every single one of my plugins, no one seems to be reporting any issues and none of the plugins deal directly with chunks

    I have narrowed my plugin list down to Plugins (25): WorldBorder, Playerz, WorldEdit, Towny, VoteRewardFND, SayAlias, Buycraft, Vault, PermissionsEx, Stargate, LogBlock, Questioner, LWC, WorldGuard, TreeAssist, PreciousStones, Register, PlayerFlow, Essentials, Mooglenet, TownyChat, Spartanshoutv2, EssentialsSpawn, VoteReminder, ChestShop

    but I will remove even more to find out why it's loading so many chunks probably later today, if anyone knows one of those definately causes problems please post here :) I am not being lazy but this will also serve as a resource for other users if I find the solution.
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    Why not remove them all... add them back one at a time... actually FIND your answer... DO YOUR RESEARCH.

    You are being lazy.
  26. If I do my server will get griefed to pieces with 120 players online..the problem only shows when there is like 30+ players online or any at all for that matter.
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    Then create a backup and warn your users. Keep just the permissions plugin running. You have options here. Stop being lazy.
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