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    On my server I have been building an automatic railroad station. Everything seems to be just fine until some of us go away from the railroad station or just disconnect. Due to nobody being around the place the place is not loaded and not running, but stored in memory. So becouse this happens, the minecarts, all the boosters, redstone circuits everything stop working, and the guy who is waiting a minecart at the next station does not recieve it.

    So I was thinking, maby there is a way to make a plugin which when put in certain areas, or something, saves the places and somehow keeps them running even with no players around. Or maby some kind of NPC mod, where you put and NPC which is programmed to make the server think that it is an actual player so the server keeps places loaded around these NPC's.

    So any ideas? Could someone make it? Could it be possible? Any alternate ideas to making the station etc. run even from large distances?
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    MinecartMania ( ) :

    Change to true, and hope you've got enough ram. This -should- cause moving carts to load chunks as though they were players.

    Edited for linkage. It might be a titch overkill for what you're looking for, but if you've already got minecarts in use on a big rail network there's some addons for minecartmania you might want to look into as well, besides there being a different booster system that's a bit easier to use :)
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    ok... thanks :) il try this...

    well this is working , yes... but as you said, it takes alot of RAM, so maby there is a way to load not each minecart, but a certain region... that should not take that much RAM... I thiink

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