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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by crazy_chikken98, Dec 15, 2014.

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    So ive been thinkin of some really nice ideas for a plugin, a good name would be: ''Christmas Plugin''
    here are some of my ideas:

    Command: /Christmas (opens a chest GUI where you can choose from the items below)

    Secret Santa
    Once night fall on a server a secrret Santa comes to visit 1 or more random users (who are online/Configurable how many) at your server, he gives Gifts like (for example) a diamond pickaxe called Christmas Pick with fortune 500, and when he gives those ( maybe at midnight?) the console says in the chat: ''&2Santa Claus&f: &7Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas''

    Christmas Lights
    picture this: Playerheads with the texture of a Christmas tree ball, which change into another christmas tree ball texture (for example green to red to green) (maybe possible with a replace command?) and it gives light (from glostone?( and i dont know if this is possible, (probaly not,) but maybe when the green head shows there come sgreen light out of it and by red the red light? (honestly i dont think this is possible though) and maybe this would be sa sepcial item to if you do the ''/Christmas'' command

    Christmas Songs
    When you do the command ''/Christmas'' you get a special noteblock and when you hit it doesnt give the normal sound of a noteblock but it gives christmas music? just when you hit it, and when you hit another time it switches to another song? (i gues this is possible, just change the sound effect?)

    Tree Builder
    Whenever you do the command ''/Christmas'' you get a sapling, and whenever you place it there comes a christmas tree (a schematic of course that pastes when you place the sapling) and there would be chests around it with random items in it generated (configurable)

    Permission Nodes:
    to use the command: ''/Christmas'' Christmas.Light to use the christmas light, Christmas.light.use to use the light, Christmas.Song to be able to place the noteblock, Christmas.Song.use to use the noteblock, Christmas.tree to be able to get the sapling, Christmas.tree.use to use the sapling

    These are just some ideas that would make a very cool plugin if you would ask me, do with it whatever you want but if this becomes a plugin i would defenetly use it :)
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    So you want to have 1 command that does different things :confused:
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    @JordyPwner I'm sure he assumed as developers we would be creative and add sub commands
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    Sorry i wrote it wrong, i meant: when you do /christmas it opens a chest and you can pick the noteblock or the sapling in the chest GUI :p but its great your interested though, normaly everyone ignores my ideas xD
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