Christmas Plugin [CELEBRATION]

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    Plugin category: To celebrate the Christmas Season!

    Suggested name: ChristmasTime

    What I want: I'd love to see a plugin which brings the best Christmas experience to any server. I mean by adding FULL snow to a world 24/7. I wish to let my players experience Christmas in Minecraft like never before.

    No other weather would interfere the snow. It would be snowing 24/7 in ALL biomes around the world. Players will feel the Christmas spirit in every area in the server.

    If it is possible, please try add a feature where snow would not 'form' anywhere. By this, I mean no snow layers, snow blocks, etc. just make it snowing.

    Ideas for commands:
    /snow [world] - Adds snow to that world
    /snow stop - Stops snow in that world
    /snow all - Brings Christmas to all worlds

    Ideas for permissions:
    Commands default to OP

    When I'd like it by:
    Before Christmas of course.
    I wish to have it soon, so I can enable snow forever in my server until Christmas :D
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    Hmm, you cant make it snow without changing the biome, unless you send it via packets.
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    I like the idea :)
    Maby you can fix it with worldguard?
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    im not sure if this is even possible with packets. You could double check this website: Maybe I missed something.
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    I have found THE plugin for ya!
    Just take a look at this.
    Since I found it I use it on my server.
    It is just genious!

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    Somebody else requested this and I said I'd do it. It is a simple matter of altering packets :D
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    I would like that, because after a server reload, all the snow placed with seasons was gone. :)
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    It'd be fantastic if you could get it done ASAP.
    Really gets my server into the Christmas spirit. ;)
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    Hi here :)

    Any news on that idea ? :x
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    No... Don't think so.
    But I don't understand why?
    This plugin would be so lovely...
    (B.t.w. I post this message so the thread is be the first one (last replied one) on the plugin request page.) :)
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    can u finish it? ;D

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