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Which to choose?

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  1. McMmo

  2. Heroes

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    Hello there, i have a problem, i have to find Rpg plugin for my server that are compatible with Factions.
  2. McMMO works. Use citizens to add extra feeling of a live world.
    Use catacombs to add dungeons for players to go through. The are easily rested after each time.
    Add magicspells plugin för nice magic spells...
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    Well i already created world, so no catacombs :/
  4. Catacombs is a plugin to create instances in an already created world. It does not take over the world in any way, just bilder a dungeon at the places you choose. :l

    All spelling errors in the above text is blamed on my phone and its autocorrect :p

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    Well does they have any griefing protections? Also some kind of reset if 1 player pass and i want others to do too?
  6. There dungeons are protected. They allow for putting up torches, claim inventory in chests and killing of monsters. The dungeons have hidden traps and hidden doors etc.

    Admin can reset the dungeon with a simple command and normal players can reset the Dungeons by clicking on a button after they've finished it.

    Just do a search for catacombs and read what they say.

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    i perfers heros myself/ its got spells allready no need for another plugin. the catacombs plugin is great idea tho
  8. Well, I've never actually tried Heroes so never thought of it.

    Well, since I actually managed to sit down in front of a computer atm I might as well post these links to you.
    Check em out and see for yourself if anyone of em sounds like fun. :)

    McMMO - Skills and special abilities
    Catacombs - Easy to create instances in your world
    Magicspells - Add magic to the world. Cast them by commands or by item in hand.
    Bookworm - Write books, use bookshelfs. Works with Magicspells to make spellbooks.
    DragonTravel - Travel by flight like in MMO's like WoW.
    Stargate - Create portals easy.
    ColorKeys - Locked doors need correct keys.

    Monster Apocalypse - Alot of configurations with mobs
    MobBounty - Get payed for killing mobs
    Assassins - Set bounty on other players or collect bounty by killing players.
    Bloodmoon - Some nights are more dangerous than others ^^

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    Well Bloodmoon+Catacombs+Heores+Assassin+MobBounty, anyway does catacumbs reset when 1 player pass it? or what :/ ?
  10. When someone(s) have done the full catacomb they can reset it with a button. Or atleast are supposed to. :p

    The resetbutton is located in the final room so if the player(s) that finish the dungeon doesn't press it they have to go down to the end again to reset the dungeon or an admin can reset it with a command (/cat reset <dungeonname>)
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  12. Glad you found the list interesting. :)
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    Can't i attach redstone to the button making them press it to continue?
  14. Don't really understand what you mean by that. You mean redstone so that you can place a button at the start? Don't think you can, and if you could someone could reset the dungeon while people are inside it.
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    no, i mean button to reset dungeon (At finish) is normal button, or sign? If normal i could attach redstone so it open portal or so...
  16. The way the dungeon is made is that when you reach the end of it you have a button in that room that tp you out and at the same time resets the dungeon.
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    ohhhh... without that player can't go back?

    Also are dungeons protected somehow? or i can protect it with worldguard, :p i dont want players grief in catacumbs.
  18. Players can choose to walk the way back if they like or if they die they are spawned at the top of the catacomb. The catacomb is protected at start so noone can destroy it beside the admin that thrue commands can either unprotect it, remove it or just fill it.

    But it's not my plugin so why don't you just read the FAQ on the catacombs page? :)
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    I will, anyway is there any other cool plugins :p?
  20. xpShop, Serversigns, MC Jobs... Yeah, there's a bunch of other plugins as well :p
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    Thanks for help
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