Chest Ore Condenser

Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by EssentialsPissesMeOff, Apr 25, 2019.

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  1. Plugin category: Tools

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: ChestOreCondenser

    What I want: Simply a plugin that makes it so when you put a sign on a chest with the first line as maybe something like "[OC]", it will create a sign on a chest that says you need to right click the sign in order to convert all the ores inside the chest into ore blocks, which is exactly what i want it to do.

    you dont really need to add any config for something like this, just add diamonds, iron, gold, emerald, redstone, lapis, coal, and quartz

    Ideas for commands: /chestorecondenser reload

    Ideas for permissions: chestorecondenser.use

    When I'd like it by: anytime.
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    You mean to convert 9 Iron Ore to Iron Block?
  3. yes, from in a chest.
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    Here you go:
    If you need the source code to check for malicious code just tell me :D

    Use a sign (on or above a chest) and write:


    It will turn more beautiful and the rest is self explanatory...

    Have fun!
  6. No, it loads, but nothing happens with i put [OC] on the chest sign

    The Sign works, right clicking it does something, but its unable to register any of the ores inside the chest to make it into blocks, saying that there are none.
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    Any errors in the console?
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    Strange.. It works for me..
  9. in the vid it dnt convert the coal into coal blocks. what this plug is meant for is when people are mining with ore gens on skyblock servers, all the ingots and ores can be turned into blocks with ease
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    You didnt say anything about the ingots / items getting converted.. only the ores.. Also now that I read it better.. What are ore blocks ^^

    I thought all the ores to be converted into blocks (e.g iron ore x9 -> 1 iron block)
  11. never thought of that, but i like it too, keep it. but what i was originally looking for was the /condense command, but easier.
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    Okay :D
    Glad its okay.. If u got anything I can change it though
  13. oh so it already converts ingots into blocks?
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    No but I can add it if you want to ^^

    There you go ^^
    I added many more features including commands (look in the config for permissions):

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  15. Nice!, also quartz duplicates, just remove it or fix if you can, and how do i destroy the sign? i cant left click it.
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    If you do /oc or /orec or /ocon ... You will see the commands
    Can you explain the quartz duplicate bug to me? Just by converting or did you do sth else?
  17. if you put 64 quartz into the chest and click the sign, it makes 2 stacks of quartz blocks, and takes 0 quartz, in other words you have infnite quartz
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    Oh yeah i see it in the code.. i messed up ^^
    Will fix it ^^
  19. thx <3
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    Here I uploaded it to
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url> Condenser | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft[/URL]
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  21. amazing, for some reason the /oc removesign command doesnt work even if i am the owner of the sign, it says the owner of the sign needs to be the one to do it.
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    Hmm.. It works for me though.. What are u doing exactly? Do u have the necessary permissions?
    Oh and I have an idea that I will add now ^^
    Makes life to remove a sign much easier

    Oh and alternativly.. Break the chest ^^

    EDIT: Oh important.. You need to recreate the sign after my last update cause I've changed the layout... Then it should work..

    You can now shift break the sign if you are the owner ^^
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