Cheesium - Java programmers needed! [WARNING: Not Formatted]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by zecheesy, Apr 10, 2012.

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    The ceiling block could register the command. I'd say 10+.
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    Thanks for saving me the effort of typing that.
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    Sorry :/ We still need developers though :D
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    Still looking for more developers! :) Also have a website
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    If you need a plugin, then I am available still.
  8. Hey I'll help if you want! :D
  9. Username: manniL
    Skype: mannil4
    Experience with coding (java, plugins): 2 years of coding. Think I'm a good plugineer. For refs please look at my bukkit-dev page. (
    Why I would love to join: I'm looking for a few jobs or offers :)
    Extra Info: I'm used to get a reward for the plugins I'm coding :)
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    njb_said I deleted all of the posts not pertaining to the thread. If you need a developer please make a thread don't post in someone else's. :)
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    Thanks! Sorry for kinda spam reporting :p
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    sorry i know what u mean
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    See this question that I asked about for my Hunger games plugin. Basically the same subject
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    Heyho, I added you on Skype. I could make some plugins for you. Simply send me an idea. For reference look up for my devbukkit account. Atm im helping to improve simpleclans.
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    So using the name is allowed? I'm not good at reading lawyer language
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    ... There are 3 hungergames plugins already...
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    This is all getting much too serious. Short answer is yes, the name is allowed, and you won't get sued because there's safety in numbers (with all the other HG related minecraft things)

    Aaaaand this is the long answer:
    Show Spoiler

    The responses on the website are pretty much this:
    If (one of) Suzanne Collins' lawyers were to see my plugin's name, they might try to take action - and they could. If they were to try, they could have me rename it, try to have it removed (nothing is removed from the internet), or just try to sue me. If they did take action I doubt it would be a lawsuit, though.

    But that's all if they take action, plus if they ever even see it.

    So unless you have a bump into Suzanne Collins or one of her Lawyers on their bad day and start telling them about all the really cool Hunger Games plugins out there, you should be good :)

    (EDIT: Actually, I'd have a good case against them if they tried to take action - I was too lazy to publish my plugin under a license, so I made it open source. Therefore I'm not stating that it's my intellectual property. >: D)

    (EDIT 2: The only problem that could come up is if one of the recent copyright favoring acts that handle internet rights (aka SOPA, CISPA, etc) gets passed. Then, stupid Lions Gate's file for trademarking "HUNGER GAMES" for gaming would probably be passed. In that case, they might do a web search to find instances where they can fuck up peoples' creations and gain more money like the greedy inhuman bastards they are... :) )
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    Username: JoBa97
    Skype: jonas.balsfulland1 (i would have a Teamspeak server too)
    Experience with coding (java, plugins): I coded Plugins since only two month, but i know how to help me, when something doesn't work...
    Why I would love to join: I think i would make much fun and I need something, that I have to do
    Extra Info: My native language is German
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    Thanks! Added!
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    do you need builders? because im pretty moderate at that.
    Experience with coding (java, plugins):none but if i can help in anyway (other than plugins) let me know
    Why I would love to join:because i love the hunger games, and it sounds fun
    Extra Info: none
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