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    Plugin category: chat

    Suggested name: dont mind ChatPro or Chat+ or ChatDuo

    What I want:
    Well you start of by default in a global chat wich everyone can hear (prefix &a[G])
    and there is a local chat
    local chat works by anyone in local speak only people within 200 blocks can hear it
    If you are in global you can hear the local if in 200 blocks but u can not speak in local (uless u change to it) it goes to the global chat
    If its to complicated just do
    Prefix Global
    PRefix LOcal
    Global everyone in global can hear
    Local only people in local can hear only if they are within 200 blocks

    Ideas for commands:
    /chat 1 or /chat g For Global Chat
    /chat 2 or /chat l For local chat
    Ideas for permissions:

    When I'd like it by: Next week
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    Maybe this is what you're looking for? :)
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    floydms Set the topic prefix to Filled, please.
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    No i still want someone to code it
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    What is wrong with the 2 links provided then?

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