[CHAT] TitanChat v4.1 - Lightweight and Flexible [1.5.2-R0.1]

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    Version: v4.1

    And it looks better too

    TitanChat is a chat management and formatting plugin, its high flexibility is what makes it special. Instead of having a large bulk of hardcoded supports for other plugins, an addon system was implemented so that addons, custom channels and external commands can be coded to support other plugins and add new features. The built in commands in TitanChat help make your chat management task easier. Channels can also be disabled to have your old global Minecraft chat, but giving you more control over chat.

    • High flexibility
    • Easy to understand and use
    • Channels with per-channel configuration available (Channels can be disabled in config.yml)
    • Built-in commands to manage your chat
    • Supports any permissions plugins that uses SuperPerms or is supported by Vault
    • Addons, custom channels and external commands can be used to support any kind of plugin, creating channels with different kind of behaviours and adding new features

    1. Download TitanChat
    2. Place in plugins folder
    3. Start up to load default configuration
    4. Configure
    5. Done!

    • CraftBukkit 1.5.2-R0.1
    • Vault

    Essential Knowledge about TitanChat
    Essential knowledge about TitanChat can be found on the BukkitDev page.

    The changelog can be found on the BukkitDev page.
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    Awesome work, works beautifully with heroes and factions!
    Very simple to use, just drag and drop the addons,
    Also it has every feature i need such as Prefixes and Local Chat.
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    I set default's usergroup a default chat which is "all" but it doesn't seem to work at all. I can't even talk to my players because their chat is (D) or something and i'm in (S) only way is by /broadcast which is really annoying.
    Also I seem to be jumping around my prefix from Mod to Admin to Lead Admin every restart for some reason.

    This is urgent, hopefully someone can help me out.[yellowflower]

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