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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by leoschabel, Mar 27, 2011.

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    I was wondering that there are many IRC chat link plugins, but not a single one that allows me to link my ingame chat to one of my Teamspeak channels, so I made this:


    Works pretty well. The Teamspeak bot supports some commands, including one that lets players restart the server when it crashed. This is not written in Java, but in Python and requires TCPBukkit as server side plugin.

    Anyone interested in a public version?

    You can try it out on my Teamspeak server ts.lynxcraft.de Port 11100 and my Minecraft server s.lynxcraft.de.

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    Moo Master

    i can see this becoming popular. But is it for all channels or for just select ones?
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    WOW thats realy awsome :D

    Can you send me a link for testing ? :D
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    Would definitely be interested in that :D and i am sure many would be
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    I will clean up the code and release this soon. Well, it requires shell access and Python. If someone wants to try it out, please send me a private message.

    It works on one selected channel or in the server chat.
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    this cool :)
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    Daniel Heppner

    What do you use to make that cool little button with arrows in the title bar of your windows?
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    PM me and I'll send it to you.
    TeamViewer does this, it allows me to select single windows to be transferred during a presentation.
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    we have a teamspeak server and it would be awesome to link it to the ingame server
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    im interested too!
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    Also interested
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