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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by kennta340, Jan 22, 2013.

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    Hello everyone !

    I wonder if someone can do a plugin so when a player spam on you server it will be like this:

    Player: wtb iron (x2)

    The "(x2)" is how many times he spammed it so if he spammed like 15 times it stands "(x15)"
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    Not possible. You cant delete an already posted message. Or alter an already posted message. Also I do not see the point in (x2). the point in spamming is to get peoples attention, if you want to remove that then just get a plugin that prevents duplicate messages.
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    But I want to know if they spam or not :p

    Then I just need to look for another plugin then :/
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    You could get a plugin that stops spam and notifies all ops or puts it in a file to log it.
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    get a client mod for it
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    It's possible for a plugin to do this, it'd just have to cache the chat and hold it for a couple ticks or so before sending it out. It'd still run asynchronously and everything, just have a very short delay.
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    Nobody wants that.
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    Can someone link a good plugin for this ? If you have something to recommend :)
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    You CAN do this, by copy the whole chat that a player can see, and edit if it got repeated

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