[CHAT] RageMute v1.5 - Punish and mute those raging users [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by 8thDimension, Jul 30, 2011.

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    I have tested this plugin and it works %100

    As an owner of a server, this plugin is helping me control players who likes to abuse chat with tons of spam. Instead of banning, I can simply /ragemute <name>. When muted, not only their chat message is canceled, they lose a heart everytime.
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    Works Perfectly thank you!
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    @CaptainJesus @jungalist81

    Thanks for your positive response :D
    I'm currently working on new additions to this plugin and hopefully we'll be updated soon!
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    This is perfect! Finally annoying little kids can be punished =)
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    You just made my life much easier
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    I just uploaded v1.1

    Not any huge changes, but a reminder is issued every 5 minutes to remind people who is RageMute'd and who is not. (Only people with permission to view the RageList can see the message)
    A message is also broadcasted whenever you RageMute someone.
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    +1 for a good plugin
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    RageMute v.12 is out.

    I added timed RageMute's. To time a RageMute just simply use the command:
    /ragemute <name> <timeinminutes>
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    Nice work.
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    An automute if 3 or so of their messages are all in CAPS would be cool. :)
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    Hmm... I could add that in.. I'll see what I'll do. I won't promise anything though
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    Hi, sounds like a GREAT plugin, but does it fall back onto OP if there's no permissions???
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    I'm on it.

    It originally was supposed to be like that, but I just never got around to it
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    Ok, any idea how long it will take to add that feature???
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    Sorry for being a bit late on it, but I just updated RageMute :)

    If Permissions 3.x isn't installed, only ops will be able to RageMute n_n
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    nice guna use this, keep it up to date!!
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    Thanks n_n

    I'll continue to add features/update this plugin whenever I can :)
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    Thank you!!!
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    Just updated it to 1060.

    I'm working on a new feature or two right now

    Alrighty, 1.3.2 is up.

    All I added was configuration which I just got around to adding. I'm trying to think of some new features right now for RageMute
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    I was waiting for mute plugin with time option. Thanks! I'll test it. :)
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    Haha, thanks :3 If you come across any problems tell me

    On a side note, I am planning to "rewrite" RageMute (As the source is incredibly sloppy) and clean it up a bit.
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    I think that it would be great if RageMute will block commands too, except config defined commands, for example "/login, /changepassword, ...". What do you think about this ? :)
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    Sam Williams

    This is perfect thank you! Contains all the features I needed! :D
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    Yes, this was a feature I was planning to add but I like that "config exception" idea

    I'll add that feature in the next update :3
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  28. thank you very much for this plugin it works perfectly:
    in my server playing who doesn't behave well are jailed from 2 hours to 1 week (above that is permanent jail or ban)
    but some when the get out of the jail they start ragging around and spamming and with this plugin i just ragemute them and after i ragemute them once they keep spamming and filling the chat with rage words i ill just jail them again for longer time :D thanks again it's very usefull
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    Thanks! ;)
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    Haha no problem!

    On a side note:
    RageMute 1.5 is almost finished. I have rewritten the code so it's somewhat less sloppier. The planned features for 1.5 are:
    1) RageMute'd users cannot use commands (Unless they are whitelisted such as /spawn or /who)
    2) Fixed an error that would occur when you were to attempt to RageMute an offline player
    3) Certain users cannot be RageMute'd (Such as admins/moderators)
    4) Shortened commands (/rmute and /rlist)
    5) Permissions WILL be changed. Update your permissions to work

    RageMute updated to v1.5!

    If you are updating to 1.5 you must reconfigure your permissions and reset your config.yml!
    The new permissions for RageMute are:
    • ragemute.mute (Allows users to RageMute other users)
    • ragemute.list (Allows users to view who's RageMute'd or not)
    • ragemute.nomute (Users with this permission cannot be RageMute'd by anyone)
    If any errors occur with 1.5 please tell me!

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