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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Jayteescout, Nov 27, 2012.

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    I am looking for a lightweight plugin that supports chat prefixes/ranks and that doesn't rely on vault! I don't know what it is but every single plugin like this uses vault, if someone could make one that is independent and lightweight that would be awesome. If it also had some sort of automated broadcast system that would be a bonus.
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    This is not possibly with vault unless they code it exclusively for the permission plugin you are using.
    Use vault it requires to work to set up and allows you to use more plugins.
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    essentialschat, townychat i know dont need vault to function.
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    What is so wrong with vault?
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    vault it self is not the problem, is the fact people think vault is the only way to do such a thing, and adding unneeded dependencys is not a thing that is considered proper coding on plugin development, most of the time.
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    the magical player.hasPermission("permission.node") that people don't seem to know about yet.
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    Name one person who thinks vault is the "only way". It is not adding a unneeded dependency if it is making the developers job easier, and the plugin support more options. Since when is adding vault not considered proper coding? Seems fine to me. Also, Is it really that hard to drag and drop a jar into a folder?

    We all know about it, And we all use it. We are not talking about permissions, we are talking about chat prefixes and suffixes, which SuperPerms does not support, and we are forced to hook into the plugins that do.
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    It's not needed, but I doubt everyone wants to code 9 prefix connectors and maintain them in a plugin like this. The obvious choice (and proper way) would be to use Vault for this since it interfaces with all of these for you, and due to a very large number of servers running it (5th most downloaded plugin), the issue of 'including' it as a dependency should be a non-issue. Unless of course the OP doesn't want it to be available for more than 1 permission/chat API.

    Jayteescout - using Vault or not using Vault wont make the plugin lightweight, how it's coded and what you would like it to do will determine this. Requiring someone to develop it without Vault doesn't help anyone, and will just result in a slower release. If that's what you want then cool, but you should operate off an understanding of what Vault is and does, not some random feeling that it's useless or bloat.
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