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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pocketcraftz, May 23, 2013.

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    Hello, I'm having some problems on a friends server.
    OP chat cannot be visible for other players.

    OPs can see all other chat but when they reply their chat is not seen by regular users (regardless of rank)
    When the OP's have been deoped their chat is visible regardless of their admin rank.

    So they can still have admin rank and all the permissions that comes with that but the second they are OP'ed their chat is not visible. (they can chat among themselfs though)

    We are using the following plugins
    (listing ALL of them, just in case)

    • PermissionsEX
    • Towny
    • Chatmanager
    • iConomy
    • LWC
    • Chestshops
    • Colorsigns
    • worldedit
    • worldguard
    • modifyworld
    • commandsigns
    • mcjobs

    Heres our permissions.yml

    I have tried the /v off and i get a msg saying "youre now visible!" but chat is still hidden.
    I really hope you guys can help, its doing my head in.
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    Try to delete chatmanager
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    Yep its def chatmanager.
    However deleting it didnt help. I had to purge my entire plugin folder and then add them back carefully.
    Currently changing over from pex to group manager. x_x

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