Inactive [CHAT] nChat 0.8 - Barebones chat [1.2.4-R1.0]

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    You setup +prefix and +suffix like this:
            prefix: '&bAdmin'
            suffix: '&1'
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    yes but it dont work //with chat manager from pex works
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    5000 People

    ok, this is really wierd, im using PEX and factions and this is what comes up in my chat

    O**Skylords wner - Mathew123sky: message

    its suppose to be

    **Skylords Owner - Mathew123sky: message

    .............|........ |................ |............... |.......... | .......Suffix.....message
    ...................................................colour for
    ...............................................message colour

    permissions prefix and suffix:

    prefix: 'Owner - &4'
    suffix: '&3'

    the colours are working fine, its just the O is in the wrong place for some reason.

    here is the message format in the config:
    messageformat: +prefix +rname:+suffix +message

    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Needs to have channels that you can switch like w/ "HeroChat"!
    I would like to see that in this awesome plug-in!
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    Hey it works but i still can't get color and you help ? what do i have to do to get it ? -Thanks ethan Screen Shot 2012-03-06 at 4.19.13 PM.png
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    I just tried it and I keep getting an error ingame [Not FoundNot SupportedNot Found] Nuke: Hi

    I run Essentials and PermissionsBukkit.
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    Read the installation page on BukkitDev.
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    >.< sorry to say that but, Can you check out your nSpleef plugin? I think its the 8th post about that :/

    P.s Sorry for being outtopic :s
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    i keep getting Not Found Not Found when someone talks for example [NotFound][NotFound] ThatGuyErick : Hello
    What should i do to fix this? ive tried so many things and cant find anything on it. Im using factions as well.

    thanks for the help

    This is my config
    messageformat: '[+prefix&f] +name: +message'
    meformat: '* +rname +message'
    colorcharacter: '~'
    timestampformat: hh:mm:ss
    joinmessage: '&3+rname has joined Reversed Creations!'
    leavemessage: '&3+rname has left Reversed Creations!'
    My permissions for admin
          permissions.*: true
          -essentials.backup: true
          -essentials.essentials: true
          -essentials.setspawn: true
          -essentials.reloadall: true
          essentials.*: true
        - Moderator
            prefix: '&4Admin'
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    Follow the installation page on BukkitDev.
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    i definitely read the bukkitdev and its not solving my problem..i know you must be bored and tired of helping everyone but please what can i do..

    i have BukkitPermissions and Factions installed

    cant cant nChat to show up the prefixes
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    You aren't giving the admin group permission to the info node. The installation page goes through how to do this:

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    When are you going to update to 1.2.4?
    (or is there another plugin the same that's updated?)
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    Hey works this plugin withe the PermissionEX plugin ?
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    I just tried you nChat plugin with (2150) development build and it does not work. Error message: [SEVERE] Could not load 'plugins\nChat.jar' in folder 'plugins'... could you please help. Thank you
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    Hey can i use permissionsex (PEX) to run nchat? and do i need fakepermissions? (my plugins are essentials (with chat,spawn protect and group manager), factions,lockette(is there something better than lockette?), Permissionsex PEX and PEX has a chat manager (would i need that or nchat?) modify world comes with PEX as well, worldedit, and pluginmetrics idk where that plugin came from tho?

    which one do i need the most and which is the one that i dont need?
    do i still need nchat cause i really want to fix my prefix im not really sure on how to make them in color but i can get the [Admin] on but the color wont work?
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    ummm is this compatible with Multiverse-Core and Multiverse-Portals and PermissionsEX?
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    trying now, if it works, I love you
    no r4.0?

    btw, does this works with PermissionsEx(pex)?
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    Did it work?
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    using suckchat right now, I think it's better, no problems with prefix or postfix

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