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    Do you not see the second line?
    java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Unsupported operation
    PermissionsBukkit DOES NOT support the info keys like Permissions 2 & 3 do. I'm going to add native PB support later on, though.
  2. Sorry if i did sound rude...
    I already guessed that, just wanted to be sure i didn't miss anything i wasn't aware of. So thanks for the clarification :)

    I hope you can add support soon as your chat seems to be the only one full of features i do not even need! For the time beeing, i'll live with what i have atm.
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    do you now how long till you will make it for permissionsbukkit because i dont really want to switch to permissions because i am already used to the permisisonsbukkit commands
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    can some1 leave me an example of how to do a coloured message becuz i dont really understand this right now

    can some1 give me a message example of how to use a coloured message?

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    Is it possible to use prefix/suffix in the login/out message? like colored names?
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    I have got a problem with nChat and prefixes onto chat. I used iChat and it worked fine. Now, if I wanna use prefixes in nChat my tags before nicks are doubled for example:
    [Admin] [Admin] Niaghaman

    I wanna have: [Admin] Niaghaman

    This is my nChat config:
        messageformat: '+prefix+suffix+name&f: +message'
        joinmessage: '&7+rname dolaczyl do gry.'
        leavemessage: '&8+rname opuscil gre.'
        timestampformat: hh:mm:ss
        colorcharacter: '~'
    and part of permissions with perfix and suffix:

            default: false
                prefix: '&4[Admin] '
                suffix: '&f'
                build: true
            - '*'
    What should I do to fix it?
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    Would it be possible to get different message format options for different groups? For example if I wanted the group name to display for most groups, but not for a special group.
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    Set the prefix to the group name for all but that special group then use prefix instead of group
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    Beautiful work around. Thanks.
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    nChat does not play nice with plugins that surpress the login/out message. Only certain groups are meant to have their logins hidden, so just blanking out the Join message isn't sufficient.
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    does this work with GM? Also if it doesnt, can i use permissions for this feature only and have GM manage the groups and permissons?
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    Is there any way to customize the prefix/name color in-game?
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    can i have the download link for nchat 0.3
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    How can we set the prefix \ suffix with this plugin?
    I ask because I am not seeing this feature here, and I have read elsewhere on this site that you can...
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    So no PEX support?
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    ichat doesn't work and nchat doesn't work... i guess i gotta go back to prefixer :l
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    I'm rooting for a solution to make this work with PermissionsBukkit.
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    OK, which "NEW PERMISSIONS" plugin "DOES" work with this plugin?
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    Add +displayname please! :(
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    Im testing it now, seems to be working OK. I had to change up some of the color code locations in the config file but I think its working ok. Anyone else find anything weird happening with PEX and nCHAT?
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    Just use +name instead of +rname.
    That should be +name
    I haven't tested using PEX, I might later on.

    I was working on one, once I finish up the nSpleef recode :D

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    Thanks man!
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        messageformat: '+prefix+name+suffix&f: +message'
        joinmessage: '&e+rname has joined the game'
        leavemessage: '&e+rname has left the game'
        timestampformat: hh:mm:ss
        colorcharacter: '~'
    For instance, my prefix colour is &6, when I talk while disguised, let's say as Notch for example, it makes me type in Notch: instead of Notch:

    I was asking (for clarification) if there's anyway to reset your prefix value when md is enabled as a person.
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    Ahh. I see. No, there isn't.
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    man u plugin is nice :) join/leave custom message, can u make a simple PERMISSION 3 Change group in-game?
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    /me formatting has been added into the latest dev build. I've tested it and it seems fine, if you would like to try it out, download this:

    @Zaydene There may be a fix actually. Do you use display names in any other way other then mob disguising?

    @derlaft Pushed an untested API :D

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    Do you think you can add +health as well?
    Like maybe 100,90,80,etc. or using bars: [||||||||||] (When you are hurt they will be a different color.) [|||||] [||]
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    Just colouring of names.
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    Then in that case, I could make an option in the config for nChat to get the prefix, suffix, and everything else from the display name you have.
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