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    MineMail - Full Featured Mail Plugin.
    Version: 1.3
    Author: alta189
    Static Jar: MineMail.jar

    MineMail is a full featured, standalone mail plugin for bukkit. It allows user to send messages to each other even when the player is offline! MineMail is easy to use. This was created using alta189's SQLite Library. Please leave any ideas/suggestions in the comments below! When posting errors, please post the full error from the console, your MineMail version, and the CraftBukkit version that you are running! Thanks and have fun!

    This review was done by jamescosten! Thanks. Please note that this is a review of version 1.2! It does not have all of the features of 1.3​

    • Send mail even when player is offline
    • Notification when you receive mail
    • Permissions is optional, Ops have access to all commands
    • iConomy Support - Configurable
    • Configurable Colors
    • Right click with paper in your hand to read messages (You have to enable with /mail paper)
    To Do:
    • Prevent SPAM
    • Config file to allow configuration of spam filters, colors, and prices for iconomy
    • /mail read - shows the user his unread messages
    • /mail write < recipient's name> <message> - sends the message to the recipient's
    • /mail reload - reloads the database and settings
    • /mail wipe - wipes the database after 1 minute
    • /mail paper - Toggles reading with paper
    • /mail help - shows help
    • /mail admin - shows help for wipe and reload
    • /mm - alias for /mail
    Permission Nodes:
    • minemail.reload - access to reload command
    • minemail.wipe - access to wipe command
    • minemail.admin - access to all commands
    • minemail.paper - Allows you to use the paper function
    Known Errors:
    • SQLite insert format needs to be added
    • Locked Database error
    • None Currently Reported :D
    Version 1.3
    • Recoded for better structure
    • Paper Function
    • iConomy
      • Disable/Enable
      • Send Cost
      • Receive Cost
      • OpsFree
      • Long Message Cost - Inactive. Long Messages will be added in 1.4
    • Config File
      • Configure Colors
      • iConomy Settings
    • Bug fixes
      • SQLite update
      • Message Formatting Check
    Version 1.2
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    We will be releasing the new update tomorrow night. I dont have time to finish it tonight as it is my birthday. I hope you understand.
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    This plugin is skyrocketing, i love it so much! Can't wait for an evil twin :p
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    Happy (late) Birthday!
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    Yeah thats understandable :) but the reason why a ask for source is because if something does break I can do a quick fix until you have the time to fix it.(And people can use it to learn from)

    Enjoy ye' day :D
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    Source? I can do anti-spam and maybe the send items thing.
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    might have to wait an extra day or two, as i am not available tonight :/ *sorry alta*
    It will be well worth the wait!
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    Thanks Walker!

    I'll try and see if I can finish it! :D

    • Recoded for better structure
    • iConomy
      • Disable/Enable
      • Send Cost
      • Receive Cost
      • Long Message Cost - Inactive. Long Messages will be added in 1.4
    • Config File
      • Configure Colors
      • iConomy Settings
    • Bug fixes
      • SQLite update
      • Message Formatting Check

    I hope that you will enjoy these changes! :D We have been working hard to get these out to you! Remember to thank iPhysX, the co-developer of MineMail, who worked hard to get iConomy integrated. Also, a lot of you asked us to keep a simple version available, so we have structured the plugin to keep it simple unless you turn on any new add-ons in the settings file. 1.3 has been a big update for us, 1.4 will most likely follow it really soon. Features it will add include long message support, new better inbox set up, and anti-spam. 1,5 will add the mailbox/dropbox ideas and more. I can't thing of all of them currently as iPhysX has been the one paying attention to the ideas/requests!

    Thanks for your support!

    P.S. We just hit 300 downloads!!!!!! Thats awesome! Thanks again for the support!

    We will release the source soon! Probably after 1.3 :D We have it on a private github repository right now so we will make it public soon. I haven't released it yet because we had to recode everything. 1.2 was actually just a test interest release. We were not going to update it if we didn't get enough downloads, but we have gotten much more that I had ever hoped for. I am still finishing up the recode, but when we finish I will release the code! :D

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    Could add a message on entering /mail only? like the same as /mail read or /mail help?
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    Ill get this done in v1.3 :p
    It sounds sensible, since people wont always suss out that /mail help exists
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    You mentioned I believe earlier that in 1.3 there may be the ability to restrict the admin commands to op's only for those of us that do not use permissions. Is that still likely?
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    yes that is included. thanks for reminding me
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    Any ETA on 1.3? Im looking to install this and wondering if I should wait =)
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    We are testing as I type
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    Should be very very soon!
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    3-4 hours till release :D
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    Just iConomy to finish :p
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    does this support MySQL or is it just sqlite?
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    MySQL support will be added in version 1.4

    I released 1.3 :D

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    woohoo! Looking forward to MySQL support.
    Longmail is gonna be great, too

    thanks for all the hard work, guys!
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    Thanks :D! We enjoy working on this plugin because of all the support that we get from our users!
  24. Hi, just trying out the new features - Very grateful for the option for using paper to read mail - If I could make a futher request to have the option to use this turned on by default, or perhaps a config option for this ? Its just that I have to type a line to be able to read a message without having to type a line in the future, which is something I was hoping to avoid, if you get my drift :)
    If not, no problem - its still a great plugin, and worthy of anyones server !!
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    I am going to make it save who uses it, and they will only have to type the command once, even if the server is shutdown
  26. Great and fantasic response - that option will work as well as any. :D
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    :D Thanks for the feedback :D
  28. Just tried writing a long message to someone - The message character limit appears to be around 77 characters. Two minor issues :
    1) When typing such a long message, the words go off the end of the screen and you can no longer see what you are typing - could this be made to wrap perhaps ?

    2) When you reach the limit of character length, is there any way of pehaps giving the user some sort of warning beep ? Not sure if that's possible, but if anyone can think of another suggestion ?

    as I say, minor things, just seeing whats possible - its not often you might want to leave a long message, but there's always something more to add ! Not sure if its possible to increase to around 100 characters - or is that pushing things too much do you think ? :oops:
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    Long messaging has not been implemented yet, next release :D
  30. ah !;)
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    It will work like this (I think :D):


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