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    Version: v0.07.1

    Tired of many messages from 20+ players of your server? With this plugin you can see only messages that were sent by the players in certain radius from you, and only in your world. If you want to send a message globally to every player - use /shout command.

    • Local area chat
    • Configurable chatting radius (uses all three coordinates)
    • Configurable shout message format
    • Broadcast messages with /shout or /sh command
    • Send message only to the current world with /shoutw or /shw
    Download zip
    Browse the source code (you can find old versions at the downloads page).
    For information refer to the wiki.

    Version 0.07.1:
    • Fixed error on '/lac' command.
    Version 0.07:
    • Switching chat mode in-game for every player. Use /lac mode <mode>
    • Listen to all chat (for admins). Use /lac listen on/off. Supports permissions.
    Version 0.06:
    • Three modes: public, private and world
    • Shout message config (prefix, color and CAPS)
    • /shoutw or /shw command to shout to the current world
    • /sh alias for /shout
    Version 0.05:
    • Initial release
    Future features:
    In 0.08:
    • Different chat commands with different radius
    • Regions for private chatting
    • Permissions support for modes switching
    Possible future features:
    • iConomy support for shouting
    • Configurable shout command
    • Shouting with prefix instead of command (ex. '!')
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    Great, nice to see someone forking this again. Could you possibly put a iconomy feature for shouting?

    What? Please take the time to put in commas or periods or even fix some of the words cause that makes no sense.

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    @Pencil : He was just saying, he was not whining. You are the one swollowing your own words there

    lol, nice edit, you edited the post, but you called him a whining bitch I have a screenshot lol

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    Could you make the commands configurable?
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    What do you mean?
    I never worked with iConomy and don't use this on my server but I'll try. I can't implement anything for now because I've injured one arm ^_^

    It wasn't a fork. I wanted to learn how to write plugins and tried to make something I couldn't find in plugins list. And later I found two similar plugins :)

    Oh, forgive me. Version number in the filename was wrong, already fixed.

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    what he means is in a config file if you could put a command option, like so:

    and then when you are in the onEnable get that property and use the getCommand(somestoragevariable)
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    Ok, I'll try to study this.
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    So people can basically make there own commands for a chat to toggle. I guess like herochat
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    DreadKyller already told me, thanks. I don't think it will be too hard to implement. For now I am working on configs and mode switching.
  10. Could you perhaps make it so that a shout is


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    I can add some config like : "shout-prefix", "shout-caps", "shout-color".
  12. Yeah, would you do that?
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    I've already made that. The only thing that stops me from releasing 0.06 is implementing the command name config.

    Released 0.06. I won't make a changable command name for now, sorry.

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    yay its back!

    I love it so much.

    is it possible for you that you have multiple radius settings?


            - shape: square|sphere
            - size: 32
            - wallsblock: true
            - command: shout
    I hope that is not too complicated, having at least different commands with different radius for each command

    it could be /lac shout
    or just /shout as defined in the config file

    Also, the wallsblock thing blocks chat off if you are in a house, so the chat cannot go through walls,
    I hope that is not too performance consumig.

    but configurable chat radi would be sooow awesome!

    thanks in advance awesome developer
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    It's a bit complicated. I'm not going to do this for now. I can try making private chatting in a region defined with worldguard. Or other regions especially for my plugin.
    I'll try this, thanks for an idea :)
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    My Idee is that you can set a cooldown for shouting Like you can only shout every 30 seconds as an User. An Op or Admin can shout how often he want.

    But I love you plugin ^^

    PS: Srry for my bad english
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    Could you explain what each chat mode does/is for?
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    Maybe I'll make this when I finish permissions support.
    Public - chat to all server. Private - chat to the radius from the config. World - chat to the current world
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    That's perfect thanks, have been looking for another one of these since the other one I used a long time ago is no longer supported!

    Do you think you could add an option for disabling shouts, or making it admin only, or both?
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    I can simply add permission node for shouting.
  21. Do you think you could change the shout command ?

    Typing /sh to shout is very boring, could you use "!" instead ?

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    I'll think about it, but not in the next version.
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    That'd be perfect thanks, and thanks again for the plugin!
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    works it with 928?
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    I would love this on my server but could you make it super configurable?

    This is what I would want:

    To type in global chat do /g or /global (you make it so you can configure what you type /g or /sh or /shout)
    OR (for what my server players prefer)
    You have to type /l or /local for local chat (since people dislike having to type something for global chat)

    The MAIN concern is that my players don't like the idea of having to type something before their messages to talk in global chat but want to be able to have some resort to talk to people near them without spamming the global.

    That would be my only suggestion, but I probably won't use the plugin until something like the above is added.

    Thanks. @neko259
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    I couldn't check for now. Wait some more time please.
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    Thanks for the infrormation.

    I have added some command to switch the chat mode. You can choose the chat mode only once, and the messages will correspond this mode.

    To others: I am working on the new version that will support the latest CB. I am testing it for now, just wait for 1 or 2 days.

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    Is this compatible with Factions? If not I'll test and let you know.
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    I didn't test it with Factions, I don't have that plugin.

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