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    This Bukkit plugin replaces minecraft chat system with a connection to an IRC Server. All IRC Connections happen Bukkit server side, so either run your own IRC server, or make sure that you are allowed to use mutiple connections on the IRC server of your choice.
    Available settings:

    Put these in IRCTransport/plugin.yml file with appropriate values.

    verbose: false
      initial_userlist: false
      initial_topic: false
      address: localhost
      port: 6667
        enabled: false
        trust: false
      nicksize: 16
      webirc_password: [email protected]$$w0rd
      prefix: '[MC]'
        - channel: '#minecraft'
      chat-irc: '&9[&b${CHANNEL}&9] &3${NICK}: &f${MESSAGE}'
      quit: '&3${NICK} &fleft'
      private: '&2${NICK}&f to you: &f${MESSAGE}'
      part: '&3${NICK} &fleft'
      rename: '&3${OLDNICK} &fis now &3${NEWNICK}'
      kick: '&3${NICK} &ckicked by &3${OP}: &${REASON}'
      join: '&3${NICK} &fjoined &b${CHANNEL}'
      list: 'On &9[&b${CHANNEL}&9]: &3${LIST}'
      topic: '&9[&b${CHANNEL}&9] &3Topic: &f${TOPIC}'
      action: '* &3${NICK} &a${ACTION}'
      hit the ground too hard: hit the ground
    The server address setting is mandatory. All other settings are optional.

    Normal Settings:

    Your config.yml will look a lot like this:
        - channel: '#minecraft'
    Available commands:

    /join #channel [key]
    /leave #channel
    /channel #channel -- changes your active channel
    /msg user -- send a private message to a user
    /nick new_name  -- change your display name.
    /names -- shows users in your channel
    /me action to perform -- performs an irc action
    /topic -- get or set the channel topic
    /whois -- gets information about the nick

    • Minecraft chat is replaced with an IRC session.
    • Private messaging works in game.
    • IRC channels are joinable in game.
    Version 0.13.0
    • Leaving a channel sets another channel active.
    • Disabling IRC <-> Minecraft color code mapping (for now).
    • Added message customization support.
    • Added basic translation support.
    • Added trust all SSL option.
    • Fixed bog on player join.
    • Added WebIRC support.
    • Added Metrics
    Version 0.12.0
    • Works with Bukkit 1.1 (and 1.2)
    • Fixed bug in DeathMessage
    Version 0.11.2
    • Fixed /msg showing usage everytime.
    Version 0.11.1
    • Fixed nullUSERNAMEnull bug.
    Version 0.11
    • Fixed a potential reload bug
    • Changed from using to using IRCTransport/config.yml
    • Added /whois support.
    • Added nick persistance.
    Version 0.10
    • Added nickanme prefix and suffix options.
    • Fixed Automatic reconnect after plugin is disabled or server is stopped.
    • Added Error message for nick name already in use.
    • Fixed a null exception when the console tries to use irc commands.
    • Channel parts (leaving a channel) are now announced.
    • Channel kicks is now announced.
    • Added some handling for "Connection reset" errors.
    Version 0.9
    • Fixed PlayerJoinEvent/PlayerQuitEvent changes
    • Added channel key support.
    • Added auto join key support.
    • Made system messages yellow.
    Version 0.8
    • Actually fixed bug that 0.7 was supposed to fix.
    • Added irc.password and irc.port configuration options.
    Version 0.7
    • Fixed bug where IRC agent would reconnect after player disconnected.
    Version 0.6
    • Attempts to reconnect to IRC server on connection failure/disconnect.
    • Minecraft color to IRC color support in chat.
    • Color conversion code refactored.
    Version 0.5
    • Fixed a nickname change bug.
    • IRC color to minecraft color support in chat.
    • Removed TSLPC.
    • Channel topic support
    Version 0.4
    • Added /me support
    • Added /names support.
    • Added channel is invite only error message.
    • Changed output messages to use logging.
    • Fixed bug in nickname changing.
    Version 0.3
    • Renamed PlayerBot to IrcAgent.
    • Fixed join message detection.
    • Changed package name to hef.IRCTransport as per request.
    • Changed build system to Maven.
    Version 0.2
    • Player's name displays correctly when their name is changed.
    • Nick change notification added.
    • Nick already in use handling changed.
    • Active channel is switched on channel join.
    • Channel join messages.
    • Channel autojoin now a setting.
    Version 0.1
    • Basic irc features are functional in Minecraft.
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    It all looks normal to me.

    line 1,3, and 4 are emitted by craftbukkit. Line 2 is emitted by craftbukkit, but is stating that the IRCTransport plugin is connecting to the database. Line 5 just says that the plugin is enabled.
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    # Config File for IRCTransport
    # See the website for more information
    verbose: false
      initial_userlist: false
      initial_topic: false
      port: 25565
      - - IRC
      - channel: '#shoottosurvive'
    Don't try joining my server, it's offline and it uses hamachi >.>
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    Thank you!
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    server.address and server.port should refer to the irc server to use, not the minecraft server.
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    Still nothing.
    # Config File for IRCTransport
    # See the website for more information
    verbose: false
      initial_userlist: false
      initial_topic: false
      address: irc://
      port: 5555
      - - IRC
      - channel: '#shoottosurvive'
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    [quote="ShootToMaim, post: 850536"
      address: irc://
      port: 5555
    just use the servername for irc, not an URI. ( as opposed to irc://
    Also, espernet doesn't like IRCTransport being used on their network.
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    I have a few questions. Sorry to keep bothering you, and i'm not trying to be a troll.
    1. Are you supposed to change things in the config.yml in the IRCTransport .jar?
    2. When your server boots up, is a bot supposed to join your IRC channel?
    More info on my set up:
    CONFIG.YML in the IRCTransport generated folder:
    # Config File for IRCTransport
    # See the website for more information
    verbose: false
      initial_userlist: false
      initial_topic: false
      port: 5555
      - - IRC
      - channel: '#shoottosurvive'
    CONFIG.YML in the IRCTransport .jar:
    verbose: false
      initial_userlist: false
      initial_topic: false
      port: 5555
      prefix: [IRC]
        - channel: '#shoottosurvive'
    Thanks for trying to help @hef, but i'm still getting nothing.
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    You should probably leave the config.yml in the jarfile alone. That one establishes default settings.
    Stick to modifying the one in the generated IRCTransport folder.

    No, the plugin adds IRC agents on a per-player basis. Each player will get their own "bot".
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    each time a player joins my server i get a massive Lag (for about 4 to 6 seconds)
    this is due to this plugin, because it only occures when this plugin is used.

    is there a chance to reduce this lag?
    it is really anoying, but i dont want to miss this plugin on my server!

    cheers neX
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    Will support for use with a webirc block on the IRCd side be added in the future? For users that run their own networks that is.
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    You are not the first person to complain about something like this, but I havn't been able to reproduce locally.
    When I switch from pircbot to pircbotx, try agian, and let me know if it still lags. If it does, I can try some things, but I don't know yet.

    Yes! I am switching the underlying IRC Library from pircbot to pircbotx. pircbotx recently added WEBIRC support.

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    So, this seems to work with the 1.0.1 update, awesome!
    I was testing this with remote server control (via mctelnet), didn't display chat.
    Is it possible to provide this functionality? Getting into IRC to see chat is a bit annoying...
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    I have some important requests, that if you add them I'll use your plugin for sure:
    1. Chat customization. I'd like the ability to change the layout of in-game chat to [world][Admin]WizardCM: message (without the channel at the start)
    2. BukkitPermission group prefixes and suffixes, as well as colour. ie. [world][Admin]WizardCM: message
    It's not much, but it would help make your plugin appeal to more people.
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    Did you ever fix that 'username too long null - chat not showing up from mc, to irc, but irc to mc works fine' issue?

    I seem to be experiencing this myself, pretty sure it's the same issue since it cuts my username off, 9 characters seems to be the limit.

    Also, on a side request, I very much enjoy multiverse displaying in chat the name/alias of the world a user is in when he sends the message. Could you possibly incorporate this in to yours (to display what world their sending the message from as in the message?).

    Thank you very much, an excellent plugin, and I appreciate any help/response!
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    I believe I did. I don't use minecraft usernames as IRC usernames anymore, Iv'e been using entity id's. This should allow me to identify the minecraft user behind an irc message more reliably.

    If you are seeing anything that looks even remotely like a minecraft username as your IRC username make sure you are using the latest (currently 0.11.2) version of the plugin.
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    i got same problem and config.yml is not generated.
    IRCTransport.db is empty.
    can you tell me how to fix this? i don't know how to fix this.
    i will be check here.

    Plugin list:
    AuthMe, Backup, BlockCantKeepUpSpam, ChairCraft, ChangeDat, CraftProxyLiter, CreeperHeal, CustomCrafting, Dynamic Effect Whitelist, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, GroupManager, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, HTTPConsole, iConomy, InventorySQL, IRCTransport, Lockette, LogBlockQuestioner, LWC, milkAdmin, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Portals, Multiverse-SignPortals, PorteCoulissante, ShowCaseStandalone, SpawnMob, SpongeRestore, SuperLog, WirelessRedstone, WorldEdit, Permissions, dynmap, Jail, LogBlock, MobBounty

    i was manually created config.yml plugin.yml in "craftbukkit\plugins\IRCTransport" but not working, same error report.
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    Please send a pull request!
    This looks really good.
    I would prefer the launguage default to english, however.
  19. yeah, sure. but i'm not sure, i've added an "autojoin" feature. i think its already coded. and i also need to fix some things about /reload and the prefix/suffix of each player
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    I have a problem, your plugin does not show the Russian language. Can you fix it ortell us how??
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    I think this is a MC (vanilla) related problem. MC doesnt support incomming german special letters (äöüß) either.
    ingame you are able to text them... but I dont know if it may be fixed by changing some encoding in a plugin or so...
    (but i hope!)

    is there any ETA for the pircbotx version of your plugin? realy love to put your Plugin back up.
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    Is there any way to null the title given in-game?
    I'd like to keep the current titles people already have, and be able to completely remove the title given by the IRC plugin.
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    I want to filter out the channel prefix as the only channel people should be in is the channel for my server. Not to mention it's also adding another thing to the prefix which could be seen as excessive "[#wumbocraft] [Bro] %NAME%: Hi" seems a bit too long to have as a prefix and it's much worse for mods/donators who have longer prefixes.

    Adding the ability to disable that would make my day, since this is the only IRC plugin I could get working.
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    awesome plugin!

    Some Features I would like to request:
    * "WEBIRC" Support (for spoofing the Client's IPs)
    * Dynmap support - it seems to work one way.
    * the Server's Pseudoclient - So one could do administrative tasks via irc.
    * Auth-Plugin support, so you can get autoidentified against nickserv automatically.
    ** Optionally create your own user:nickservpass database?
    ** Or use some of the client's abilities (if any) to not store the nickserv password on the serverside...
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    Hey there,

    Really great plugin but i would like to know if there was a way to disable the chat management it has, I have a server that uses mChat and this seems to interfere with it and override it. If there was a way to stop it please could you help i really like this IRC plugin.
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    Any chance this will be updated for the newest craftbukkit? (or if it already works for the newest update the title)
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    I found a fork of this plugon today on Github...
    for those who want to compile themselfs
    lostkhaos applied the 1.1-R3 Events... and took in the pircbotx

    this is not done by me... neither I can promisse you this will work (better than hef's).
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    Is there a way to make these things work with Towny chat channels? Or does it just replace everything?
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    version 0.12.0 works with 1.2.3-r0.1

    Thanks for the link, I should look into pulling in some of these features.

    It replaces all in game chat. Interacting with another channel plugin sounds complicated.

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    The latest unreleased version has fensoft's patch to add some customisation to what get displayed on various irc messages.

    You want the IRC /nick command to not set displayname? As far as I know, player's can have display names and titles. This plugin doesn't touch titles. If you want it to not set the display name either, I can look into that.


    Some Features I would like to request:
    Added in 0.13.0-SNAPSHOT, when 0.13.0 gets released, you will have it.
    It's also an undocumented feature in 0.12.0. Try setting server.webirc_password in config.yml.

    I love dynmap, but I could use a little context. What support are you looking for?

    Interesting idea. Having an IrcAgent on behalf of the console user? An IRC Rcon shell sounds interesting, but brings up some security concerns I'll have to consider.

    I can't really store information client side, that would be ideal. I am a little hesitant with this feature because it means malicious minecraft admins can capture user passwords. This feature has been requested enough times I am going to consider it again.

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