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    IRCraft - Connect Your Server with IRC

    Latest Update -26/09/11 GMT+8
    Version - 2.1 Beta 2

    Description - IRCraft connects your Bukkit server to an IRC server so that all MineCraft messages can be seen in IRC and vice versa.

    To install IRCraft, just download the IRCraft.jar (See Downloads Below) and place it into your CraftBukkit plugins folder.

    Using IRCraft is very easy, after installing, run Bukkit once and IRCraft will generate a config.yml which can be found in
    from your main CraftBukkit directory.
    Assuming you know how to use YAML, replace

    Version 2.0
    For server admins, make sure you have included

    into your permissions file.


    Direct (DropBox)
    Direct (From Bukkit)

    If you liked this, or any other of my plugins, please donate to aid me in continuing my development.

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    Mosh Mage

    can we get a in-irc commands? something like
    enable-this-commands: who, list, kick, ban, etc
    enable-commands-to: irc-nick1, irc-nick2, irc-nick3
    this would mean some /ircc useradd irc-nick1
    also some alias handling would pwn, in irc my nickname is "moshmage" but ingame is another one. when you speak irc with MoshMage the in-game-nick would appear R3D (like my in game name)
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    Can you implement a feature to set which directions the chat travels in.

    Generally, I only want in game chat to be shown in IRC, but not IRC chat shown in-game if at all possible.
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    This plugin works wonderfully for me, I just wish a few more things were included:
    1. a command that makes the bot tell you how many ppl are on minecraft at the moment like !listplayers
    2. an option for sending the list of connected players in a private message to irc users when they log in
    3. configurable strings for events, for instance I'd love to be able to use /me <playername> joined the server
    4. this might be harder than it looks, but implementing color use, like if a name is a certain color on minecraft, preserve it on irc, and viceversa.
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    I have tried many IRC plugins, and this is certainly the best one out there. Beats CraftIRC 10 fold, not only in general function, but with configuration. Thanks, hope to see more plugins!
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    I honestly love this plugin, I just wish it wasn't as buggy.

    Sometimes it only works FROM irc TO game, other times it doesn't send any messages either way.

    I'm not sure but I think reloading the plugin is causing the problem. I haven't looked into the code yet, but I don't think the bot is disconnecting before disabling.. So when it goes to enable again, it tries to use a nick that's already in use (18:02:04 [INFO] IRCRaft: The nick is in use.).

    So far, the only way to fix it (that I have found) is to stop the MC server until the bot gets kicked from the irc server, then restart the server. Toggling/reloading the plugin doesn't help when it's 'glitched'.

    Also, the in-game commands don't seem to work on 2.0 or 2.1. I think if the commands started working, I would be able to disconnect/reconnect the bot without having to fully restart the server.

    I've tried all the other IRC plugins and don't like them. I really like how this one sends ALL messages both ways. Yeah, more config options would be great, but they're not necessarily needed.

    Message to the developer: PLEASE fix the issues, I love this plugin.

    Edit: One option I would extremely appreciate would be 'on-connect' commands, like registering with NickServ, but for Quakenet.
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    can the bot join two channels at once? If so, what do I put in the config.yml ?
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    Put something like this in the config.yml file ["#channel1", "#channel2"]
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    Nope. Didn't work.
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    Hey naresh97, thanks for this plugin, I was looking for a quick lightweight one.

    Could I ask for a couple of modifications?

    In v1.1 you included join and leave messages. For a server that has a fair few users joining and quitting all the time, it spams up the chat fast, could there be a toggle for this? Or could I grab a copy without it included?

    Also, can we customise what is shown either side? For example your current chat:

    IRC Side: <user> message
    Game Side: [IRC]<user> message

    Being able to customise (by adding &colorcodes in-game for example) these would be beneficial.

    Any help appreciated, thanks :)
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    I'm sorry but I'm currently busy with some personal things. Which is this plugin hasn't been updated for a while. I will look into this and azzza95's problem if I have some spare time.

    Sorry for the inconvenience. I'm planning on making this open source.
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    No problem, I'll check back regularly, will use until then! :)
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    AHHH one way transmissions
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    hello! i have a question for you, can you made a bridge between IRCraft and Dynmap?

    did you made a reload? cause anytime i reload the server, there is only irc --> IG...

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  15. After updating to 1.1-R3 I start getting a strange message when people login to the game (Only sometimes)

    From my IRC log (Replaced the nicks):
    [19:28:13] <BotNick> <PlayerNick> has joined the server.
    [19:28:14] <BotNick> <PlayerNick>u00a74u00a75u00a73u00a74v|1

    The player got the WorldEdit/Client mod installed.

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